First candidate for the mentoring program

Here’s the first candidate for the mentoring program, he realy needs it!This was just the summary, can you imagine the rest of the report?

You never know with the help he may turn out great.
One things for sure he will definitely get plenty of constructive criticism.

I will start by suggesting he leaves out the last line about the structural condition unless he is an engineer. Best of luck to him.

Yeah, but the house is in good structural condition.

Why should he leave that out?

I think it opens him up to a problem if it turns out to have a structural problem he missed. Russell that is your job now to help him so I suggest he goes with what you say. I do things different than most.

I was just asking, why you would or would not say it was OK.

I personally have no problems in telling people I found no structural issues with a house when in fact, I found no structural issues with the house.

Is that not what we do everyday?

I normally just mention defects and not all the things that are good with the house. I may say something like that to the client but normally do not write it in the report. Stating that it is in good condition seems a little risky to me the way he put it.

I think he would be safer stating it like you just did.

Stating a house is “in good structural condition”, is not the same as starting you found no structural problems.

See less than an hour of mentoring and this guy would already improve. This by the way was what his entire report looked like, though most of it was not as legable. I wonder if he knows what a computer is.

I was thinking that a computer would help as well. I am afraid if I were to write mine would be even worse looking. Thank goodness for spellchecking. The spell checker in the google toolbar is great. I use it on every post.

Now I feel a whole lot better about my reports.

I went to the site today, half of what he sited was not so and you should see what he missed!!!

Are you actually mentoring him? If so that is a heck of a nice thing to do. Best of luck to him. Tell him he is welcome to contact me anytime if I can be of any help.

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That is something I would love. I have a clean record.
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Yea what he said…Not one red “sent”!..

Hmmmm - No Russians were sent?

Guess Google spell check doesn’t pick up on Definitions/ Grammar.

I do not have any idea what you guys are talking about. :—)

I will be mentoring two more inspectors. One this and one next week.

Sorry but no. I haven’t been able to find out who he is yet. So in the mean time I guess I’ll have to use his report as an example of what not to accept.