First CMI in Quebec!

…and he is a darn fine inspector and person !!!

Marcel is a credit to our profession.

Bill Mullen

Congrats Marcel - Bravo!
Je suis heureux d’avoir fait votre connaissance.

[FONT=Arial]Congratulations on your years of hard work and this worthwhile achievement! [/FONT]

Congratulations Marcel!!

Congratulations Marcel!

Thanks Nick and all for the kind words!

This credential (Certified Master Inspector CMI) was indeed the result of many years of hard work all while holding a full time job and raising a family.

It was achieved one inspection at a time, one hour of education at a time; it was NOT automagically conferred on me as some people may claim.

CMI is a valid, earned, and proven credential, much like the NCH, and simply cannot be bought online.

Way to go Marcel! Congratulations on being Quebec’s first C.M.I. Be proud of it, and don’t listen to the naysayers!


I need to know whether or not you got approved as an CMI Approved School? Your school is not listed on the CMI site, why would that be?

Congratulations Marcel.

Congrats Marcel

Good job Marcel, I can attest that I have seen you at a couple of training classes here in Ontario.


glad to be at your side as the second inspector to earn the Certified Master Inspector designation in Quebec.

God speed!

Welcome to the CMI club! You are so right about the one home at time statement.

If he only new. :shock:

You’re almost 4 years late. typical.:roll::roll:

Maybe Kevin taught him everything he knows.:stuck_out_tongue:

Wonder how he feels 4 years later?

Apparently that’s all it takes to become CMI. :wink:

If memory serves me right, I was also the first iNACHI member in Quebec…