First "did not authorize" from Spectora

I saw the chat bubble, got “There’s a charge being contested”. “Not Authorized” from the bank.

You click on it, you get to see the evidence it’s going to submit. It has a nice summary of all the interactions including the signed agreement, the viewing by the buyer, the report, all of it.

I clicked on it and it says it’ll be 60-80 days to settle, something like that.

I also contacted the realtor and they contacted the home owner who said he didn’t recognize the charge so disputed it but will go ahead and permit. Sounds like he just wanted it free or something, I dunno.

Seems like I ought to win it, specially if the home owner said he’s going to authorize it.

Shrug. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I just thought that the evidence summary was quite well done from Spectora.

You will want to go in and change the setting where you choose how you want the charge displayed on client’s statements. For some reason, if I remember right, the default name is goofy.


Thanks. Found it. Settings–>Payments–>Statements

It was goofy.


Just as a follow-up to this one.

Lost the dispute. Apparently despite having a signed agreement, despite having proof of the report, having proof they and the agent viewed it? Not enough.

The realtor reached out to the guy, he apologized, said he’d put a check in the mail.

Shrug. Not the end of the world, kinda sucks though. I guess I could go knock on his door if his check never shows up. My response to this stuff is to move on, everyone else gets all fired up about it. I’m too busy to waste time and energy on this. I can spend a few hours hitting open houses and turn that wasted time into thousands.

The client could also just go in and pay by card again. Curious, because I haven’t had this happen yet, does Spectora automatically return the inspection to unpaid status in this situation?

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I was also unsure of what happened and asked the report to not be available.

So I asked the chat bubble and the girl said “it is already locked”.

Apparently the moment there is any payment dispute, the report gets locked automatically.

I guess I’d never paid much attention to that locked icon in the dashboard area, but that’s what it means.


Good to know, just checked mine.


And was your vendor name goofy too? I really have NO Idea how mine got set to…“linkedIn”.

It’s not like I visit my Linkedin profile more than about 3 times a year, nor are there cookies or saved data related to it. I use Brave as a browser since it has a ton of privacy tools, including not saving data just like that.

Very odd.

I did get a personal check from the client who got this inspection, so it seems like it was just an honest mistake.

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