First Drone Flight

Here are some of myfirst pics and video taken with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision

Put it on you tube.
Why would I want to sign up for photo bucket mobile just to see it?
Either that or try vimeo.
Many of us are on mobile.

Thanks, that’s a good idea Bob.

Nice aerial hd and toy now show us closeups of roof flashing, parapet and chimney caps.

How hard was to learn to fly Linas. great pictures .


I have a remote control airplane/ helo geek buddy. His wife gave him a DJI Phantom for Christmas. Awesome toy. Easy to fly.
Trying to figure a way to rationalize buying one for business. Help me convince me Linus.

There’splenty of videos here that explain set up and flight. It’s pretty easy, this was my first flight and it was windy so I didn’t want to get too close to buildings. I’ll install mypropeller guardswhen I get closer to rooftops.

What is the range or distance from the remote can you fly I might use one to count my horses at the back of the pasture or chase wild geese from my yard, but I see no other use for that toy

The one i got about 8 months ago is not as fancy, How ever it took good pictures , it looked harder to fly than this one. let me know how it works. I got a few ideas for agents for the use of it too.

It’s got a 500 meter range. You have to keep it under 400’ altitude.

Keep posting pictures Linas I am really looking at one these. pretty good write ups on it so far. I think it will come in handy on some jobs, they used one on a 3 story building here after a fire to inspect the standing walls , The building was found unstable .

I did an inspection last week, with several structures & 19 acres. This would have been the perfect tool. An aerial view would have been very useful. Much better than Google Earth.
Thanks for the post Linas.

Great video Linus. If you could hang an IR camera of off the drone it might give some great shots of moisture intrusion on flat roofs.

Just thinking out loud here.

You can.

Here you go Bob.

Flight # 2 003 [640x480].JPG

Flight # 2 001 [640x480].JPG

Here’s flight # 2

Thanks for the link. Their 2 day class sounds interesting.

:oThat is cool. The IR would make so much since with a drone vs flying in real/human size plane or helicopter. I may have to enlist my 15 year old son and X-Box master to fly the drone.:mrgreen:


Looks good. How do you like it? Used my beast on a two story concrete tile roof and found out the chimney was missing a cricket flashing. Wait unitl you fly it out of “Line Of Site” then you really pucker.

Question-- What is all that white stuff all over the place?