First Student to become ICC Certified

I am happy to inform you that Bruce Graham passed his Residential Electrical and Building tests today to become ICC Certified. He attended the ICC Boot Camp last weekend in Orlando. Bruce is our first student to become certified.

Congratulations Bruce well done.

Way to go Bruce…A big Congratulations from AZ…:cool:

Bruce Graham lets hear it — Are you ready to join the Boot Camp instructor team??

What was good and what was bad - and how was the test?? – What would you add to the Boot Camp program??



I feel sorry for you in that you always have to look for the negative.


Einstein once said that you must never stop questioning, but here I cannot seem to get Oscar Wilde out of my mind here when he said A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

I am sure deep down you are also a nice person. I also know you are probably not the person who thinks the world owes you everything. However, true leaders thrive on success of others in their circle of influence.

I congratulate all those who take the time to enhance themselves and their career for the betterment of their clients, their business and above all themselves.

Well done Greg and Graham. I wish I had the time to take those exams also.


Great Job.

I just wish Greg held one on a Sunday. Saturday’s are bad because my son as a football game every Saturday

We just had one last Sunday.

We are working at being able to put the course on-line or on a cd along with the ACE Program for those that are not able to attend in person. While nothing can take the place of attending in person this will be the next best thing.

Great Greg. Let me know when you have it and I will buy it.


I’ve aready been to boot camp, just need the ICC part. :smiley:


This makes it twice (boot) for me then:D
GO big red ONE 1
Don’t you just love PT

Ah good for you, ah good for me! :smiley:

IF YOU HAVE TO BE ONE, BE A BIG RED ONE! No Mission too Difficult! No Sacrifice too Great!)

Congradulations ! Bruce

A BIG THANK YOU to Greg for helping me out the other day.


Congrats Bruce,

Wow, that was quick! Were you already preparing for the exam before the ICC Boot Camp? I was there Saturday, but I don’t think I’m quite ready yet to take the test. Soon, tho…