First time buyer grant

Maybe someone here can help me.
My son and daughter inlaw are looking to purchase their first and they heard somewhere that there is a grant available from the canadian or provincial governments for first time home buyers , I haven’t been able to find anything about it .
Maybe someone on this board knows were they can get any info , THANKS.

Fred, try the cmhc website, I think it is
They should have some money I gave them $7000 when I bought my house

Charles : You gave “them” 7000 dollars , what the h### for ?

6% of my purchase price,I think that was it and I had less than 20% down so they got me good, incase the bank has to forclose it is insurance for them,great gig huh?

Great country we live in isn’t it . (**it actually is a great country) **it just has to many people filling their pockets with our hard earned money , that’s why I’m searching for this grant stuff. I’m gonna try CMHC. THANKS.

When I bought my first home there was a system in place that would refund your Land Transfer Tax if you bought a brand new home as a first time buyer, it did not apply to resale homes. I do not know if this program still exists as this was about ten years ago.

The program to which you are referring is the Canada-Ontario
Affordable Housing Program (COAHP). Cities in Ontario have been issued grants which they then distribute to qualified purchasers. In Hamilton, the amount that will be distributed is $7,262.

This is an interest free loan. It must be repaid if the home is owned for less than 20 years. If the house is sold before the 20 year mark, the homeowner must repay the original loan amount plus 5% of any appreciation in value of the home. If the house is owned for 20+ years, the loan is forgiven.

To qualify, you must be over 18 years of age, have a combined family income of less than $55,900, purchase a house valued at $185,500 or less and qualify for a mortgage.

I suggest that you call your city hall or municipal offices and ask if your community is participating in the project.

It probably was not obvious in my previous post, so to clarify, each qualifying home buyer will receive $7,262 (in Hamilton). The total grant money that the city has received will provide grants to approximately 200 new home buyers.


In Romania we don’t have grants for housing anymore now that we are not a communist controlled country.

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