First to answer this question substantially correct wins a NACHI Beam. $109 value.

Would it be a Hardi product?

Well I thought I heard of everything??..a shingle made out of a wood composite glue?? and someone actually bought em?? Man I have a bridge I could sell them too. :shock: Never heard of or seen them up here in Canada.:shock:Yet…

or could it be the gaf roofing shingle?

Nor I. That would be like buying a paper umbrella and constantly worrying about rain.

Doug,…LOL… Im still sitting here shaking my head in disbelief:shock: I wouldn’t even consider that roofing product. Guess that’s why there involved in a big lawsuit eh.:D:

Yeah, the Masonite siding performed so well…NOT!

Thatched roof

Cal-Shake, Inc. (“New Cal-Shake”) manufactured cement composite roofing products, marketed as Cal-Shake Shakes. Cal-Shake Shakes are a fiber cement roofing product made to look like wood shakes or slate tiles. Cal-Shake Inc. also manufactured Cal-Slate and Cal-Clay, both of which are included in this settlement.

JHBP Roof Shakes are roof shakes manufactured or distributed by James Hardie Building Products, Inc. (“JHBP”) under brand names such as “HardiShake” and “HardiSlate.”