FL Mold Insurance...Suggestions?

I was wondering if any some of you have the Florida Required Mold Insurance policies, what your premiums are and who your insurance companies are. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Not me I figured I would have to do a bunch of mold inspections each year just to pay for the insurance so I figured I would just recommend fellow INachi guys when I thought it was warranted or the client wanted it.

I use InspectorPro.
You need a million of E&O for mold. I need 1/2 million just for
my termite license but they always package them together for all categories.
So my policy is for home inspections, windmit, pool, termite, mold, water testing, etc.
Costs me around $2600 yearly. But the deductible is a low $1500, some policies are $5000.

Inspector Pro, Will Colton