Fl Sb 2234 On The Governors Desk

Hi to All:

The Bill is on the Governor’s Action Report. When the Bill gets sent to Him, He will have 14 days to decide what to do. Now is the time to flood his office with emails, phone calls, and letters. Florida ASHI opposes this Bill. I have not received info from FABI.

In summary, the Bill will require EVERYONE to complete a Department approved education class of 120 hours. You will need to complete an additional 14 hours of CE every year. Regardless if you have been in business for years.

No one can be employed by your company unless they have completed the 120 hr education requirements. Your secretary or silent business partner will have to comply with this requirement.

1,000,000 Million Dollar E&O & GL is required for all Mold Inspectors.

The Bill will cost the State more than 1/2 Million dollars a year to enforce. The Florida Tax Payer should not have to pay for a poorly written Bill.

Contact the Governor Today!

Hi Jay,
good luck with that one!


Would it be helpful for your governor to know that similar bills failed to pass in three other states this year? If so, we can get folks from these three other states (MO, KS, and NH) to contact him with you.

Everybody flood chuckles the clown with e-mail.

The licensing proponents in Florida believed they were going to get something equivalent to Mom’s Sunday roasted chicken dinner with all the fixings, half way through the session they were willing to settle for chicken salad but it appears that all the House & Senate were able to sling together is something resembling chicken$hit. I hope the Governor doesn’t dine on this repast he might be in for a bit of indigestion.


Grandfathering is basically out, everyone must comply with the requirements by July 1, 2010 there is no exceptions for experience or years of service. Which means everyone must pass whatever test is required, have a High School diploma and complete 120 hours of HI education. If you calculate about $20 per credit hour you can figure on spending $3000 for education to get your license.


Grandfathering is guaranteed under the Sunrise Act, the state can’t enact licensing laws that put existing business out of business, so it appears that this bill is in direct opposition to a law which has been on the books since 1981.

Here is a link to what I believe is the final text that is being sent to the Governor, read it and plan your strategy accordingly.

Thank you for your posting. 2234 is not a hot button topic in the state right now. If he does follow up and sign the bill, he will be forced to “plug in” the sunshine law, It seems that 2010 is the turn on date. I wonder if they would be smart enough to make the “schooling” part of the bill even with the sunshine act in place. I will sent you a dollar if he signs the Bill.

       Later,  Bill Voorhees

He will sign it without reading it.

1,000,000 Million Dollar E&O & GL is required for all Mold Inspectors.

How about 1 million dollars E&O & GL is required for all mold assessors.
We have carried 1 million dollars E&O on all of our mold inspectors for years,
with 2 million minimum for G&L. Few, if any “real” mold inspectors would perform mold inspections without it. I’m not familar with the mold bill but the E&O requirement may help eliminate the “testers” pretending to be mold inspectors. The mold industry has evolved in the last few years, and too many inspectors have not realized it. Lab analysis only reports are not a mold inspection report. I really don’t know if the mold part of the bill is going to help Florida or not but the mold business needs a good housecleaning.
Doug Wall, CIE
Radon & Mold Professionals

How long have you been in Business Doug.


I sent him this, today.

We just checked the vote history for the State House and there is no vote history. Unless the web information yet needs to be updated, how can the “Bill” be on the Governor’s desk without both passages from the State Legislature? Wasn’t the last day for the State Legislature Friday?

In addition, there is no information provided regarding the “Bill” on the “Governors Action Desk;” For example, no 14-date veto period.

Outstanding letter. Can someone please give him a greenie I cannot do it until I spread more rep around.

I cannot believe someone gave me a neg from a post from a year ago. So much for ever getting that 2nd green box. Dang it.

Keep going I got another.

I’m glad they did away with the grandfather clause. Those that are pushing so hard for this bill can now take the 120 hour class that they though the grandfather clause would protect their business from.

Now it’s an even playing field. One can never stop learning. Just because someone has been in business for 10 years does not mean they should be excempt from additional training. This will at least show they know the basics and help better protect the consumer, since thats what those in favor of the bill are pushing for.

I’m sure many inspectors that have fought so hard all these years for licensing are haveing second thoughts now that their business will be interrupted with a 120 hour class.

We can regulate our own industry. We have for 30 plus years.

I bet. They are probably write the gov. as we type. I did my class.

I think that is a great question. I sure wish someone would explain. Jay, Gary…

Gary & Matt,

Look BEYOND the “Granfathering” aspect of this “Bill.” It’s (the “Bill”) implications will have far reaching consequenses.

The “Grandfathering” is only a piece of a pie gone bad. What about the Corporate Veil Piercing that contradicts the FLorida Corporations Act. What about the requirements that ALL employees of your Company, even your Secretary (if you have one), must meet the licensure requirmements and not to mention FLorida “Sunrise Act” violations.

It’s obvious, from your recent posts, your blinders are focused too much at one bad point (the “Grandfathering” issue).

Paul, your post “That’s a great question…,” who was that directed to?

Did our post regarding the State Vote History warrant futher looking into by Jay? Nobody has replied with a definitive answer to that post.

Jay, what’s going on?

This is one reason why you now have ASHI writing the Gov, along with you, to veto this bill.