Up pops a bill in Florida

Go to the Florida Senate web page. Surprise a home inspection bill was introduce. Looks like last years

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Here is a link to the bill SB 2670




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OK here are the edited highlights.

  • No grandfathering provision
  • 80 hours of primary education
  • Passing of an approved exam
  • 8 hours annual CE
  • Min $300,000 GL insurance
  • Disclosure of the above criteria




Don’t see approved exam

Looks like this bill is asking to fail

I am sure we will be hear more as to why this is such a good bill for the consumer


  1. Has successfully completed a course of study of not
    10 less than 80 hours, which requires a passing score on a valid
    11 examination in home inspections,
    and which includes, but is
    12 not limited to, each of the following components of a home:
    13 structure; electrical system; roof covering; plumbing system;
    14 interior components; exterior components; and site conditions
    15 that affect the structure, and heating, ventilation, and
    16 cooling systems.



There is that key word again.



Yes Valid

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I hope they don’t change anything on this bill. It should make everyone happy


Hi Richard,

It is my understanding that VALID stands for proctored.

At least that is what I was told by the people that wrote it.


Yes sir I agree

I would read it as follows – 80 hrs and a test on the subject matter of the 80 hrs which I would think would be given as part of the 80 hrs by the school. Otherwise the test would have to be VERY general as to cover all the 80 hrs that would be given by all the schools

In short a package deal – Nice time to be in the HI school business – I can see the prices going up as we speak

Greg - We could not ask for anything more. I can see the NACHI education machine getting fired up as we speak – What a draw for the weekend education seminars - I can even see you as an instructor!

Too bad that the people that wrote it done understand that no one would want to pass an invalid test

Proctored does not say anything about testing to a level of knowledge that would reflect the subject matter of the 80 hrs

– I am having almost as much fun watching our legislators as I am watching my grass grow –


Ok Folks:

The Bill is like last years without grandfathering. Earlier this week I had a conversation with Joey Caballero who is a Past President of FABI and their current Legislative Representative. FABI is having their Quarterly meeting this weekend and Joey is advising the Board NOT to support the Bill based on a lack of enforcement. Joey expressed that ASHI does not want this Bill either. Joey cancelled his meeting with the Bill’s Lobbyist because it would not be supported.

The question you have to ask yourself is:
Can my business survive if this Bill does pass?

I know the Governor does not want Home Inspectors licensed.
I know that FloridaNACHI will have a proctored exam. (Its already done)
I know that July 1, 2006 is too soon to enact so expect January 2007 for launch if it passes.
I know there may be alternatives to ITA, ID, and other classroom style facilities that would be approved.

I know you will send me your thoughts so I may form an opinion of the Florida Members.
I know Blaine Wiley and I will do everything possible to do the right thing for the membership.

Remember the SE FL NACHI Chapter meeting is Thursday night from 6-10.

I will also be available to travel throughout the State to other Chapter meetings. Please inform me as soon as possible if you are having one.


I am sure that as soon as the word gets out to the Florida HI’s many thoughts will be coming your way.

See if you can help out with a question or five - and if some one else might have some in-site speak up

Mr Bell stated that he knew the writer of the bill and they meant “Proctored” exam but did not say same

I want to know who is in favor of this bill? - some one is pushing it.

Since the gov is not for licensing and this is not licensing does this change things"

If “enforcement” is wanted how the heck would that be done to bring in the “other” org?

How are you and HG going to get your exam validated with no 80 hrs of education attach to it? - I looks like a one package deal (Cost??)

I hope they will let past education and tests qualify otherwise - the line starts and the rush is on

Is there a game plan for or against?

It all depends on the individual you speak to. How does it affect you, your business, and the food on your table?

Thank you for clearing up some issues

I was trying to put some names with the “who wrote” question – looks like there is not 100% support in the ASHI and the FABI camps one way or the other – sure would like to have a pole of their membership

A Johsh Richards of Senator Victor Crist office is getting call already to make changes. He says that he is the Senators # one aid.

So what we see is just the start. If they would just leave it like it is with no enforcement it will not do any good or harm. What will make a mess is the unknown changes.

Perhaps we should send some changes in just to keep the pot hot. His email address is richards.johsh.s12@flsenate.gov At this time he wants email. I think he is a little too low on the food chain but I did tell him that I would put his email address out to some of our members.

Oh Yes this bill will cost. I am seeing some home buyers buying without an inspection because the cost is (in their mind) too high. Esp on a new or almost new home with warranty. When we rise our prices to comply with the bill this will possibly chase more clients away. Just MO

Cost increase for many will be 80 hrs, insurance etc. – compute it out at say 150 inspections per year

Oh well here we go again

Lets get the message and existing information out to the members that do not check the BB (email) and see what thoughts you get. Do you see any problem with the email suggestion?



There will never be 100% support in any group.

Given what some have experinced lately insurance is going to be a key issue.


How large of a problem is insurance at this time? What are the main issues??

This information if relevant might help our fine friends at the state capital


Joe Ferry may have info related to that question.


The biggest concern the Governor has is malpractice insurance. He believes there are more Doctors being forced out of business because of rising lawsuits and rising premiums. E&O is malpractice insurance for Home Inspectors. Don’t expect a required E&O provision.


Thank you – I agree that E&O insurance is not even on the plate

That would really raise the cost of home inspections



Please remember that very few of the 1200 plus Florida NACHI members check out this BB. If you do not have the ability to get the message out to them as our REP – let me know and lets see if we can get this issue solve in the next day or so

If not I have no problem seeing what I can do on my own – This is sort of our job as NACHI members with a little bit of the knowledge

Call me if you DO NOT UNDERSTAND and I will see if I can help you out