FL Termite License

Does anyone know how or what is needed to get a License in Florida to be able to conduct Termite inspections during home inspections?
Thanks in advance…

You have to apprentice before you can take the test and I’m sure there are other requirements, needless to say it’s a PIA.


Is this your full time job?


Termite Inspector needed.

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Hello William Siegal. or anyothers who would like to comment, I have the same question. Is it worth the process for getting a full exterminator license in Florida simply to add the task to my normal home inspection add-on’s?

A State Business License for pest control activities requires a Certified Operator to be in charge.
Wanna be one?
You will have to first take the state proctored exam that requires either 3 years experience working under another’s license or a degree in entomology, pest control technology or some other related BS science degree.

THEN you may apply for a business license showing the certified operator
in charge & a minimum of $500,000 E&O insurance to perform WDO inspections, not a cheap policy.
Good luck!
<<MG>> State Licensed Termite-Lawn & Ornamental-General Household Pest & Rodent License #2446 :slight_smile:

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You simply need to work under a CPCO which will require training. How to perform a WDO inspection as well as a minimum of 4 hours in class. Once this is done you can purchase stickers from said company and upcharge the service to your customers. You will be working under their license and insurance. Florida Termite Inspections covers central Florida if that is where you are located.