FLASHI Octoberspec Day rate. This weekend

Hi to all,

I have just heard from FLASHI that they are allowing day visitors to their educational event in St Augustine this week end. I am teaching my Manufactured housing class on Saturday, and Joe B and Greg B are teaching their ICC code prep class also on saturday.

The day rate it $150.00 inclusive of meals, I hope to see many of you there,

Check it out here



That is correct. For those that are unable to attend the full event, we are offering a one day rate. Again, State Rep. Wise is the keynote speaker and will be speaking on the new Florida licensing law. All inspectors from all associations are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Senator Wise should be embarrassed for allowing inspectors to repair homes after the close of escrow. He should be embarrassed the DBPR is not prepared to issue licenses on October 1st.

Ask him how much money NAHI gave him to propose the bill.

If your going to legislate, make sure you use the common sense test.

BTW, the State Chapter of Florida NACHI is organizing to correct the law.

Jay, Can you come on Saturday? It would be good if you could make it. We all have a lot of work to do to clean this law up.

Why does FLASHI hire so many NACHI trainers to teach them?


Can you say who is a member of the state chapter

I sort of thought that it folded

Not trying to start anything but I has been a little quiet for some time

If it is alive who is leading the pack and what changes do the members what change other that through the whole thing out

At this time I do not see possible positive results by trying to educate some one who put this bill on the table to start with

I feel he will just dig his feet in and defend himself rather than admit that he was wrong and try to correct things

Just wish we could find someone that sees that this is a mess

Like who is going to get the contract to do all the schooling??

What are they going to do – make us all of us instructors for 120 hrs?


“Why does FLASHI hire so many NACHI trainers to teach them?”

I’ll swing at the pitch in the dirt. We chose all of the speakers because of their abilities to provide a quality class. Based on the reviews that we have received from the event, mission accomplished. I was able to attend Gerry Beaumont’s class on manufactured housing and can verify that it is a great class and Gerry represented himself as THE Professional Trainer that he is. As for the ICC bootcamp class- I don’t think any comments are necessary based on the huge success they had providing the class. They delivered again and all who took the class said it better prepared them for the exam. The other speakers also provided quality training and all inspectors who attended the event benefited.

Richard, I wish you could have been there to hear what Senator Wise had to say. He knows that there is work to do on the law. (I believed he called the work that we need to do a “glitch bill”.) He was very receptive and would very much like to hear from us (translated as all inspectors) to correct the mistakes in the current bill. The fight is not over and we all have a lot of work to do.

Thanks to all that attended the event.

Steve Taylor
Taylor Inspection Services, Inc.
Fernandina Beach, Fl. 32034

Hi Steve,

Thanks for inviting Joe and I to your event. We had a great time. I really enjoyed renewing old acquittance’s and making many new ones. We both look forward to attending your event again next year. I also know that you spent a lot of time and energy preparing everything for this event. Thank you for all of your hard work. You are a great inspector and also a very good friend.

I am glad to hear that the Senator understands that he set the bar to low and needs to fix things before 2010. I was shocked when he admitted that there was no study done as per state law for the new law.

Mark Cramer’s stucco class was great!!

Hi to all,

Steve, ditto what Greg said this was a very good event especialy considering a very tough market and that the event had moved both location and dates this year.

On a personal note, I have to thank the officers and members of FLASHI who extended me every professional courtesy they were a great bunch to work with, and to Destination Event Planning who ran the show very very well.

I would be happy to do this event again next year, but FLASHI need to buy another bottle of Scotch, apparently I finished their last one off :wink:



If you gotta be regulated, this one looks fairly harmless AND you’ve got 3 years to get your ducks in a row. Why is youse all complaining about?

Here the issue Dan, everybody including the sponsoring Senator know this is a bad bill that requires a glitch bill to be passed to make it work at all (if in fact it is legal at all given that no sunrize study was done as required by the Florida constitution) so now the jockeying begins between the inspectors in the state, some want the bar real low, some want it very high, some want 2 tier licensing to protect their turf (all inspectors are equal but some are MORE equal than others :wink: ) many factions are pushing their version of reality (apart from NACHI) and non of them give a rats posterior about protecting the consumer, which surely should be the basis of good regulation :shock:

It is going to be a real tedious 3 years of petty bickering and name calling (again)

Oh and BTW, the nimrods who believe that they know what good for our industry don’t have the gumption to even discuss getting a sensible statue of limitations enshrined in any changes to the current fiasco :twisted:



Yep -

Just like I thought. Pretty good stuff. Should take another 2-5 years of bickering, challenging and debates, etc before anything even possibly goes anywhere.

It is very likely that this bill will never be enforced since a Sunrise Study was never performed. I was shocked when the Senator stated that that study was not performed. You would think that all politicians would know that it is required for any new licensing.

It shouldn’t take to much to have this bill repealed. Then we get to start all over again.

Someone also asked him what happened at his inspection that made him want a bill. He stated that his ac broke after moving in and that many of the outlets did not work because they didn’t meet code. With that being the case maybe the Senator is going to require that everyone be code certified so that all inspectors understand the code when inspecting.

A good bill will offer both consumer and inspector protection. It will also allow all in business to stay in business. There are many self serving inspectors that pushed for this bill who could care less about consumer protection, their only objective is to protect their turf.

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Wasn’t me Carla, it was that swine Steve Stanylwigllewhatsit (never trust anyone with too few vowels in their name) from the great North West, normal service will be resumed as soon as I can get to the barbers for a “short back & shine” :mrgreen: