Hard Coat Stucco / EIFS Trim

One of the worst installations that I have ever enncountered…

Some more…

Joe, can you describe the issues with each of these?
I’m not really familiar with a lot of Stucco, and would like to learn more about
the proper installation.
Thanks, and good photos…

Is the stucco going right down to the ground. You see that here from time to time, but it is dry here.

It will not even look that good in a few years!

I like the one where they stuccoed right up to the roof!

No expansion joints.

No backer rod and sealant joints.

It doesn’t look like there is a kickout above the gutter!

To close to the roof/ground!

Just for starters!

Wow, the first thing on this Board that makes me think you guys really do have an eye for detail (beyond a lot of common sense) :shock: . The house looks fine to me.

So what are the problems? Potential expansion?

Gaps? Nothing a little bit of caulk or concrete patch would not fix!

Read these and you will see how we all learn .






Roy Cooke . Tried the rest NACHI is the BEST

Does not appear they did anything right and it was done very sloppy to boot.

At some pointe real soon they might want to think about this.

If it is a new house at least before the 1 year warranty is up. I bet they find moisture under most all of the windows and where the gutter/roof intersect with the wall at 10 months or so.

Kickout info!


Want a lesson in hardcoat stucco?

Try this:


One of the best I’ve seen.


Part of the problems with Lisa’s house was directly related to how the windows and flashing and moisture barrier were installed.

Look at the bottom of some of the windows the carpenters put the tarpaper over the bottom nail fin of the windows not under them. Creating a funnel.

Let alone a nasty looking incorrectly installed stucco job!

Joe, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve got everything under control, and I’m glad you do because this looks like a nightmare lawsuit waiting to happen, or an unoccupied residence ready for a grenade.

Yesterday’s fix and flip in the hood. More flip than fix, if you get my drift.:smiley:
New stucco on a 1950’s block home.

Kinda thin in some spots!

The wire was the correct thickness Carl.:wink:

Who would have ever thunk it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Bet money some of these folks got where they are by getting a BARGAIN.

That’s just amazing.

I’m going to print many of those, page by page on the color laser, and spiral bind them as a reference.


Actually, we make most of this stuff up as we go along - if you think I’m pulling your leg, just ask a typical real estate agent.


A couple of interesting links - www.myleakycondo.com


In this Canada Mortgage and Housing study, 29 out of 40 condo buyers didn’t bother to get a home inspection, numerous sellers lied on their disclosure forms, home inspectors used “soft language”, etc, etc.
Usually, the root cause of the problems are improper flashing or installation of the waterproof membrane. And many of these buildings are still leaking.