Flashing - stucco to flat roof

The flashing here appears to be installed directly over the stucco and flat roofing.
I believe this is installed incorrectly?

Simon, is that a question? And, please indicate your location. :grin:

I see this set up a lot here in the Tampa Bay area. The rolled roof material actually runs up the vertical sidewall and acts as flashing. The metal looks like it acts as counter flashing… my concern with this set up has always been that seem at the top that gets filled with sealant. I typically describe this as improper counter flashing but I am very interested in the replies to this.

See surface mounted counter flashing a lot where they didn’t cut a reglet. They get away with it, but it is a maintenance item. That counter flashing should have a head flashing installed behind the stucco like you would over a window, door, garage door, deck ledger.