I drove by tomorrows inspection today and looked at the roof. According to the listing agent this roof was recently redone with a 10 year warranty. The tile look fine but the flashing is installed outside the stucco. It seems like this will be a constant problem as the caulking deteroriates in the hot Arizona sun. Is this a common practice?

How is it even fastened to the stucco?

To me that flashing is useless. Have I seen that installation before? NOPE, and for good reason. Blowing rain will get under it and high winds will rip that right off, here in Florida.

I’m not sure how they fastened it or why they installed it that way. I wondor why they would give a 10 year warranty.

Warranty? Will anyone be able to find the Mexicans who installed if it leaks?

Looks to me like it would be better off with no flashing than what I see.

Where’s the weep screed???

It was done after the fact…that is the problem.


redid their graphic for universal siding apps

Flashing (Wall to Roof Transition)

  • Defective installation. Recommend professional roofing repair / replacement.