Oops! They forgot to flash this

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Attached here is a picture of my the awning attached to my dads house. It’s clear that the lack of flashing will be a problem down the road when the caulk fails, but what I want to know is, Is the installation of the proper flashing included in a standard roof covering replacement contract? Is this something my that the contractor should fix to make the original job whole?

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A good professional roofer would have cut the mortar joint and installed new lead flashing.
It still can be installed without disturbing too much of the roofing.

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Professional? flashing is required as part of installation. Lack of proper flashing = half-ass job. And no, they did not forget! They clearly caulked it. If they forgot the roofing tar/caulk mess would be missing.

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appears there may have been a thru-wall or counter/flashing that was removed from the gap
only the shadow knows

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Is this correction something the contractor or their insurance company should pay for?

That’s some half-assed crap. They didn’t forget they didn’t know what they were doing.

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Explain what you observe.

Exterior: Cornice. Composition shingles. Location: First floor window cornice roof overhang.
Observation: Missing headwall flashing.
Recommend: Licensed roofing contractor install headwall flashing.
Limitations: Inspected from a ladder. Images taken with a xxxx point and shoot camera.

Move to the next component.

Masonry: Clay Brick. Running bond. Concave mortar finish.
Row Lock window sills.
Prior repairs.
No adverse conditions observed the day of the inspection.

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