Flashlight Battery Recommendations Please

This is the battery I use, “Ultrafire”. I am not thrilled with it but I do not have a comparison. Does anyone have a recommendation?

I am using EBL of that size, for one of my flashlights I keep around the house. I holds a charge for a long time but it doesn’t get the workout like my inspection flashlights.

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Maybe my expectations are too high. I get one inspection per charge if I am lucky. And that charge rate deteriorates rapidly. Seems I buy them pretty frequently.

I use Fenix flashlights and batteries. I’ve had issues with the charging ports, so I also recommend buying the charging station.


Thanks Brent. I had a little gift card to inspector outlet so I am going to give them a try. They are more expensive than the ones I have been using, hopefully the higher price = better performance.

I won’t use any other flashlights. I have a headlamp and a handheld. I’ve dropped them off roofs, run over them with my truck… they’re worth the extra money to me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with the other batteries alone to make a comparison for you, but I can definitely say I get at least two inspections per charge, then I just throw them on the charger on my way out the next day and I never run out of light. Sometimes I also charge them between inspections, but I almost never charge them at home. The exception for me is in the winter months when the cold eats through battery power. I like to bring them in on the weekends for a full charging.


That is what I have.


The Fenix PD36r I had is pretty tough to beat, but the charge port and switch went wonky. So I’ve switched to the Streamlight Stinger 2020. I loved my old LED Stinger and the charger but it wasn’t bright enough. The batteries in the new one are rock solid and recover quickly with the 12v vehicle charger.

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I use the Fenix also. No issues

This has never let me down:


That will go well with my new flashlight


I have been trying to find a good flashlight, I’ve bought numerous over the past couple years, but end up throwing them in the drawer… I was looking at those, but I am very picky… I need it to have a zoom function, preferably a slider, so I can use one hand, and I hate it when I have to push the button 3 times every time I turn it on or off. Do those have a separate setting for on/off, and for beam output?
I also hate the bluish light, I only want the bright white

This is the best one but it is getting harder and harder to find batteries.



Fenix lights are better than many of the other brands. There are many batteries made in china (dozens of brands) that print 3000 or 4000 or more mah on their 18650 cells but that is fake information.
The cells out of Korea (LG and Samsung) as well as Japan (Panasonic) are the ones with higher energy density that last longer, but also cost more. I believe the Fenix battteries are made in China but are better than most made in china.

Brian you my be interested in this 18650 comparison test.
Discharge rate has an effect on realized capacity (mah). Some batteries do better at quick discharge rates than others so the best battery for you will depend on how quickly you use it.


Flashlight envy


  1. Get a charger that can measure the true capacity of the battery with a discharge cycle. The number printed on the battery has no relation to its capacity.

  2. For “charge every day use” a high capacity Li-Ion or NiMH battery can be good. But for flashlight-in-the car, nothing beats low discharge NiMH such as “precharged” Panasonic/Sanyo Eneloops.

  3. Head over to the candlepower forums for head to head tests
    Candle Power Forums

  4. Disposable batteries have a few remaining limited uses, but pale in comparison to having a freshly charged set.

  5. Weigh your batteries. The heavier the better (until at least the fake vendors start adding lead).

This is the one I love. It makes ceiling stains jump out at you. No wash out, but you have to get the “neutral white” . One/off button is on the bottom…not the side button you cycle thru. I throw away the clip and add a lanyard. Price is good.

Edit, I have been using the same one since 2017. It showed up on my amazon order history.

I actually bought one of those based on your review in a thread a few months ago. I like it. It definitely has a “calmer” light compared to the Luxpros’ I normally use. Makes for better pictures in some situations. My only complaint: the belt clip did not have enough “lead in”, making it difficult to easily clip it on my back pocket. A few strategic custom bends and that was resolved.

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Doesnt look like it zooms? I said I am very picky with the requirements… :laughing:
I love a super bright light that zooms as well for the attic spaces. I am also constantly zooming on higher ceilings. Also great when I am trying to pin-point something for the client
This is a cheap one that I have used for quite a while, and is bright, lasts through several inspections, but it is just annoying with the 3cycles, and it never stays where I left it when turned off last
Anker Super Bright Tactical Flashlight, Rechargeable (18650 Battery Included), Zoomable, IP65 Water-Resistant, 900 Lumens CREE LED, 5 Light Modes for Camping and Hiking, Bolder LC90 - - Amazon.com

I haven’t found anything better than Fenix! Haven’t had one fail me yet. They’re powerful, rugged, and very high quality. Highly recommended.