Flashlight deal.

Cree flashlights at Auto Zone right now for $19 and they are 500 lumens rated to last 8 hours on AA batteries. nice and small ]
Light was hitting the clouds when I tested it last night.rated for 1600 feet
You can get a giant larger than Mag light version for $29.
Guess it makes a good club as well that lasts 20 hours. D batteries }

Thanks for the heads up Bob!! Mine just died.

Good deal… I need a back up

Used it yesterdays inspection and it was almost too bright.
Had to leave it on wide focus.

This will keep you well lit up :slight_smile:


LED Lenser M7R

Best light I ever owned. Had it for awhile now and drop it all the time and its still kicking and lighting up the entire attic for me. I won’t own anything else. PS… its small and fits great in my pocket.

This is the one I use Billy, it is a great light.

Yea I’m sure that will work just as well. I really am partial to my light and my camera. Dropped my camera now several times and it won’t die either. Before that camera I went through like 8 of them.

I told you so. :wink: I keep mine on the belt holster. Doesn’t get in the way and doesn’t take up pocket space. Spaps in and out with ease.

Camera for what? :wink:

Backup :slight_smile: I know where your going. Yep multi inspector / on-site reporting / Google Nexus / Home Gauge Mobile = More time for me. Glad I finally listened to you and Will.