Flash Lights

Seems like a good deal…


I have Cree’s like that.

This is the problem with many lights out there…


I do not have child hands. I need something with a little meat to it. Whoever told men that smaller is better? Good example… look at the evolution of cell phones. They went through the “look at how small it is and all the stuff it can do”. Look at them today… getting almost as big as “the Brick” once was! :wink:

I bought a Keenwin from Bruce King (http://www.nachi.org/forum/f70/keenwin-led-flashlights-78144/ )
Which I love.

I’m going to give this smaller one a shot. Price is right.

Looks fishy.
How many lumens is it ? (thats what matters)

Why does it say 1.5 v AA battery then says 3.6 v rechargeable ?

You can buy that exact same flashlight for much less on Inspector Outlet: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/f5104-flashlight.aspx

You can buy 5-10 equivalents on EBay.

Yep…sometimes I should listen…260 lumens with the Li-ion battery but the charger came with the european charger. I bought it cause i liked the adjustable beam. I rate this a waste of 49.00. Now to find the adapter.

The one’s that Bruce had, really work pretty well! I have two of the smaller ones, day in/out, they are great!

I have been using the Coast PX45 (link below) for over a year and have been quite pleased with its performance. The features include, high and low beam with flood/spot light adjustment. I can easily perform between 15-20 inspections before I need to replace batteries (3 – AAA)

During InterNACHI’s last Christmas party I won a new flash light (from Cameron) and without a doubt the newer flash light (Saurus F1622) is much brighter, BUT here’s a list of my pro’s and con’s.
1.While the light produces an exceptional illumination, the draw backs are short battery life, and too many light modes (High, Mid, Low, SOS, Strobe) to switch through each time. Also the light beam can be a little excessive.
2.I like everything about the flood/spot light adjustment (Zoom). The front lens sleeve slides forwards and backwards to adjust from a sharp blinding square pattern spot to a very wide flood.
3.The flash light is a comfortable size (Goldilocks), not too big and yet not too small.
Here’s a link; http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/f1622-flashlight.aspx](http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/f1622-flashlight.aspx)

This new flash light defiantly has its advantages when used in an attic and crawlspace, especially to unreachably areas.

Best light ever made uses same battery as all other dewalt tools has a swivel head can be set on the floor for hand free use


This is the one I have…http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/f1622-flashlight.aspx.

Love it.

Yipper all the women real estate agents I know carry one of those :twisted: man up;-)

Does winter always make you this cranky?:lol:

Charlie thinks that DeFault flashlight looks manly. Yeah, yellow is manly. :razz: :smiley:

I have a bunch of the lil torch lights I bought off amazon .
exactly like the one posted by the OP here but fancier …

They suck …biggest ***** that not one of you have mentioned yet
is the SOS strobing feature…I missed that mentioned when I ordered
3 of them …

I want one thing ,on and off

no high , low , medium setting …just melt your skin pure lumens of uninterrupted light

I’m searching for a new one…

at least they’re waterproof , god knows how many times I’ve fished them outta the bottom
of crocks in basements as I bent over to test the float …

I find it interesting that not a single new CMI that received their fancy $300, 6-pound flashlight has ever posted what they actually thought of it and how it works for them in the field. Too embarrased to admit they were duped into an expensive bookend?