Flex hose connected to Gas Log?

Does there have to be specific flex hose for connecting to a gas log ?

I believe it would have to be a steel flex hose. as an aluminum hose may melt under high heat. a small magnet would determine if its steel or not.

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Can be used if it is the proper pipe depending on manufacturer and local code. Not to be used for wood burning.

Thanks everyone …

I guess at first look the dust looked like ashes, looked like they were burning wood on using the gas. But then I zoomed in and saw it was just soo much dust. would recommend it being cleaned before use, or the dust may cause a large fire ball in there.

I’ve never seen an aluminum flex. Many years ago they were brass. Today they are stainless steel. I’ve never seen a steel flex. A magnet would not work on a stainless steel flex.

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I still see these occasionally. There is a CPSC safety recall for the brass appliance connectors. They had an unsafe propensity for cracking.

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http://www.gasflex.com/. Here it shows aluminum gas flex hose. And a magnet will work on stainless steel.

Depending on the grade of stainless. The more nickel, the less the magnetic attraction. I hold the magnet lightly like a pendulum, it will pull slightly towards high grade stainless, harder for low grade stainless and not at all towards aluminum.

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That Gas Flex is used as distribution gas piping not an appliance connector as in the OP. The two types of piping have very different applications.

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So is the brass connector on this a problem?

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Looks like that connector is leaking and on fire. So I would say yes.


Plus it needs to be kinked a LOT MORE where it transitions from hard pipe. LOL!

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We could all use a little more kink I suppose, LOL. But that is a good catch Larry. These hoses have bend radius restrictions.

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This is the newest type of GFCI… Mandatory in most localities for when installed near leaking plumbing, it makes it trip faster because the metal tape shortens the path to the plug when sprayed with water. The packaging tape helps protect and seal the wall from the leak.

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