Flex hose used in fire box...Question

Is the flex hose ok to supply gas to the decorative logs?


Sorry that the picture is not a closer shot…


Ive heard arguments For and Against the use of CSST. I assume that is what that is being run from the gas source. Supposedly different areas have different requirements allowing it from my understanding. It should at the least have a protective sleeve going thru the firebox and the hole sealed with fire rated caulk and the yellow jacket removed so it wont melt. Many will say run the CSST to the firebox and have an approved connector there on to the actual logs. There should be a screen and glass doors at this fireplace also. Cant wait to see what others will say cause ive heard different reasons for this being allowed or not

“Flex hose” ?

What kind of fireplace is this? What is the listed rating?

Appliance connector, CSST, etc. We need to be aware of the proper terms for all the various components.

Can’t tell much about it. Why use Photobucket???

Don’t call it “flex hose”. It’s either CSST or an appliance connector.

Looks like an appliance connector, which can be used in a fireplace as long as it doesn’t penetrate the wall of the firebox.

Looking at the foto again I think you are correct in the appliance connector assumption , the bends are quite drastic for CSST to bend like that

Thank you Joe…