flex pipe supports.

2 questions 1) is it o.k. to run yellow flex from iron pipe main then snake it over 40’ to a small 3000btu unit heater?

  1. how far apart should the supports be? this set up had only 4, about every 10 feet, plus the rigid pipe was about 12’ long comming in threw the sill plate and was just “free-ballin’” in the joists.


100_0797 (Small).JPG

That “yellow flex” is CSST and can be run pretty much the same as iron pipe.

Support spacing for CSST is governed by the manufacturer.

I have been wondering about this stuff. The first time I saw this stuff was last year when a friend of mine was having a new boiler connected. The plumber/mechanical eng. said that it was great stuff. He didn’t install a drip pipe like you would with black pipe. He said that it wasn’t needed with this stuff.

Is that true?
Is their a length of run max?
Does anyone know what the typical manufacturer suggested support strapping spaceing is?

Try this website: www.gastite.com

Everything you ever or never want to know about CSST. This is only one of the manufacturers but it is one I have known about almost since this stuff hit the market. Getting the old timers to use this is often futile. They want to do things the old way not realizing this takes a 1/3 of the time to install with less headaches and fuss. It is great stuff. The RV guys have been using it for years with great success. Once you get into the website go to “inspectors” link then click on Installation Procedures, go to page 45, Table 41-2 gives the spacing for supports. It depends on the type and size of the CSST and type of configuration. Have fun.

Not true. If it’s required by the utility, it’s needed with CSST as well as other piping methods.

There is no limitation based on the material. CSST can be run as far as any other material so long as proper connections and required protection is maintained.

As stated in the previous post, support spacing is determined by the piping size.

Hay Doug. thanx for the link, it’s just what i needed. this was 3/4, so acording the the chart, 4-2 it should be every 8 feet. so this stuff was a little out of specs. not likely to hurt anyone or anything, but still out of spec, and duely noted. thanx again.

No worries. You’re welcome.