Flint (Goodbye Paypal)

No merchant account. Much like Paypal. Apps for phone as well and no extra hardware is needed. Fees are 2.95% for credit cards and 1.95 Debit Card transactions. Works awesome and I don’t have to transfer funds from Flint to my bank simply flows directly to my account… There is no .30 cents in addition either. Paypal’s lowest fee is 2.2 and that’s if you’re doing volume over 10K other wise your looking at 2.9 plus .30 for each transaction online or 2.7 for swiped on site. The last five customers used plastic and three where debit card so think about it most likely you will save money over Paypal and you don’t have to log in to transfer ;).

Not me, ever. Cash or checks only. Why have someone else make money off of your client’s transactions and personal infor? To each his own. One reason I do HI’s for high profile clients mostly. Go ahead: take that chance.

Exactly to each his own. People like to charge and if I don’t accept CC’s my competition will and I won’t make nothing at all. Think about that.

Better yet. Dwolla. Free under 10. .25 per transaction otherwise. No other fees. No percentages. TWENTY FIVE CENTS.

Cash or check .

Extremely few even ask about CC

Will stick with PayPal as I do not need no name companies having access to my Bank Account.

Flint is well known.

That’s awesome Mike. I try to push for cash or check but sometimes it has to be CC for us here.

Never heard of them.

Yeah so well known I have never heard of them unless you count the material that goes in my lighter.

Maybe you mean a town in Michigan ?

I offer Paypal… just for the rare occasion. I can’t even remember the last time someone inquired about paying with other than cash or check.

As do I Jeff.

Practices vary regionally.

I foresee the day when people will pay using their phones almost exclusively.

Soon I think.

Very cool Steve. Their site is not clear unless I’m missing it. It appears a client would need to be a member and have their bank account linked. Is this how Dwolla works?

You may not do many investment properties or for out of towners.
My clients today are in North Dakota and I was paid in advance.

I often inspect for clients that are investing out of town or out of the country that hire Management firms to find rental properties.

They may never see the buildings as long as they own them.

Same here. I did many inspections last year for clients all over the US and out of country. CC payments is a must for me.

Read again. Clients do not need an account to check out.

Send me the direct link. I don’t see that anywhere. Without a credit card how would they check out unless they signed up and linked to their bank account.

Figured it out Steve. Like suspected they request your bank info to check out. I went to a website they promoted to test it. See attached. May not have to sign up but no customer is going to want give up direct bank information IMO. I would rather give someone my CC info then my bank info.


Dang…No way.

If anybody has a Paypal account, they have done the exact same thing. Linked their bank account to the paypal account.

Bob, how did you ever sign up for Paypal? Heaven forbid that something new comes onto the marketplace. You must still write checks. Have you found fire yet? :wink:

I am surprised at the reception. 2.25% plus a fee or twenty five cents. My $699 inspection yesterday would have cost me between $15 or $20. NOPE. It cost me TWENTY FIVE CENTS. They paid from their smart phone about 80 miles away when the mountain pass was closed and they couldn’t make the inspection. Each to their own.