FLIR B400 Wide Angle/Zoom Lens Comparison Images?

Does anybody have any or know where I can find any B400 lens comparison images?

I’d really like to see some examples before buying new.

I’ve searched EBAY for months on end looking for used or discounted Lens options but they seem to be extinct.

You can check the IR Talkor ITC messaage board classifieds I bought a wide angle lens for a T300 from and got a good deal. Contact Rick Bridges he’s their IR sales rep.

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No on the B400, but this might help you a bit…

Flir Resolution_Comparison.PDF (207 KB)

Here’s a couple shots. First is with standard lens, second is with wide angle. At 15’ it adds about 6’ on each side and above.

Lens Comparison 002.jpg

Lens Comparison 004.jpg

That’s incredible! Being able to add that amount of area to each image has about 15 benefits I can think of just off hand…


Your camera has a panoramic setting. Do you have the software to make it happen?
Image Builder or reporter will do.

Panoramic scans increase resolution, wide angle does not.
A 6 x 6 scan goes to 960 x 720.

Even if you just stitch two scans its 720 x 240.

Another thing you should know is that Fusion no longer lines up.

The digital camera is blocked in part by the wide angle lens.

The shorter focal length has a greater depth of field in wide angle, making focusing easier.

The camera should be calibrated for the new lens.

High temp range cameras cost $750 more to calibrate.

Thanks David!!

That’s great information to know. As usual, your depth of knowledge proves to be very helpful while at the same time making me realize I have much to learn.

I have FLIR Quick Report that came with my first FLIR B200 but I don’t believe it supports stitching.

I have lots of thermal images of buildings like the Utah State Capital, University of Utah stadium, and Weber State College that would be great if I could stitch together.

Which program do you most recommend for stitching and image adjustments?

You can stitch as a .JPG with many photo editing programs, however to remain radiometric you will need a program such as "image builder"or the more advanced Flir reporter programs. You have a choice of Reporter or Build IR. They are available for a free download as a trial at

I don’t know what the cost of these programs are today(I assure you that they are substantial), but using software versus hardware which may require a significant investment and a return of your camera for calibration may be a temporary option until you have to send the camera back for calibration at another time.

If you are not doing qualitative analysis with your wide angle lens, calibration can be put off until you need it.

The wide-angle lens is a definite asset in building evaluations because distance is so close and focusing becomes critical on a longer lens at close distances.

Brandon, Have you been to the Flir message board lately?

I think you had better go check…


I recently picked up FLIR Reporter Pro 8.5 at a great price. They have sharply reduced the price since the beginning of this year.

Do you like it?

I just installed it on my laptop and haven’t had much time to try it out. I will work with it between now and the end of the month. I’m registered for the ITC Level I course at the end of the month in K.C. then plan on doing the Level II in a few months maybe in Boston or Philly.


If you decide to come to the Boston Facility, let me know early. I can meet you there sometime during your course and take you out to lunch and chat. I’m only twenty minutes from the Flir Billerica facility (where they hold their IR courses).

Sounds great. I’ll let you know Dave. They have a Level II scheduled for the end of Jan. I may do that one. I’ll give you a heads up when I do schedule.