Flir B50 errors and problems

Hello all, I have some problems with my Flir B50. About a month ago after charging unit I unplugged it and the plug symbol remained on screen yet camera still operated.
Yesterday I went to shoot a panel and I got a ‘Disk full’ error on screen. There are no pictures on camera and it had an SD card installed. Removed SD card and same came up.
Plugged unit to PC and there were no images.
I do need to calibrate camera.
My question…is there any service areas for camera besides Flir?

Mine did the same thing , i had to send it to flir and have a software updated . How ever mine was a 2006

Why are you trying to find some place other than FLIR? The $200/hr, minimum of 2/hr service charge making you look for cheaper options?

Seems like anything to do with FLIR software glitches should be a minimal service charge given that they don’t take much to fix and it’s a camera problem, not a misuse problem.

How long has it been since you last had it calibrated? Often times, once a year really isn’t necessary.

cost me 850 Brandon which included maintenance

Sounds like a firmware problem only FLIR can repair. Got a Fluke? Only Fluke can repair it.

Hi Jonathan,
Please give us a call at 1-866-FLIR-911 Option 2 if you still need help with your B50 camera. We would be happy to assist.

My Flir is about the same age…it does need to be calibrated as well though…What did the service run and what was the turn around time?

thats why LOL…I bought it on ebay two years ago for $1500.00 and I have never sent it in…it needs it!

:frowning: :mad: :twisted:

Hi Patrick,
I planned on doing so tomorrow…Talk soon!

The file 2.19.1 is very tough to install n the b50 here is the link that flir gave me for a slightly older firmware that they claim has no issues. I’m installing it now and willl let you know what happens.