Flir camera Jason Kaylor

I just purchased a Flir camera from Jason Kaylor at 877-207-1244. Wow, what service. Great communication, great price, and his hands on knowledge of these cameras can help you find the right camera for you.

I decided on the Flir440 because it will do what I need it to do and Jason asked by application needs and instead of maximizing profits on a camera that has more than I need, he helped me with my decision by giving me the facts and letting me decide.

I get a free certification class from ITC, which is like about $1850.

Wait there is more! He hooked me up with a guy named Steve Carnes at 866-484-5575 so I could check out the financing options. Man, what freaking service from beginning to end.

These two guys together makes stuff happen fast!

I called about it yesterday, went over my options today and will have the camera tomorrow. Now, that’s service!

In today’s world where mediocre customer service is the new norm, it is refreshing to get this type of service.

Thanks guys!

Thanks Russell. That info will come in handy when I am ready to ‘dive in’!

What no rainbow training I am floored:p


Ironically, I attended another (Free) Webinar last night regarding Thermal Imaging 101, and just that one hour impressed in me the need for formal training, and not John’s brand of whatever he calls it.

You better get on board you have no idea the potiential of IR and where it can take you especially in a rural area if someone is willing to travel somewhat. You are way behind the curve as it will take you 5 years to start making some decient money:D

I know that you are very busy man, and just want to as a jester of goodwill, for all that you have given to the membership with your time and money.
I would be willing in a fashion of giving back, be willing to seat in that IR training class for you so that you are not bogged down in anyway, and further more I will even pay for my own meals:D

LOL! what thoughtful gesture and willingness to sacrifice on behalf of another member.

Yes, very, but would his offer still stand if it were to be John’s class??? :neutral:

For $500 I can take a Flir class designed by the manufacture of the equipment and centered around the Home Inspection process.

That is if Russell does not need my help.:smiley:

Just as I suspected! :wink:

Well now that really would be a sacrifice.

Thanks for the Recommendation about Jason Kaylor, Russell! I found him a great guy, very knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

Thanks again Russ!