FLIR doing a presentation at all our Success Seminars now.

FLIR did a great job at and this week.

They will be presenting at all our upcoming Inspector Success Seminars including: and

Thanks FLIR!

I always thought Joe Ferry was the attorney??

Flir and iNACHI rock dude!

Hi Nick!

I will be joining your association soon dude! I’m waiting for Joe Ferry’s seminar to get the discount…FREE membership, just for attending a seminar that I would have taken anyway!..Can’t beat that. iNACHI is the best association and the educational content is simply the best.

Thanks dude!

“In case you are not aware, NACHI is notorious among vendors for how little its members are willing to actually pay for products and education. Outside of NACHI, however, there are inspectors who are paying for materials and training and are rewarding the good vendors with their business.”
(From a former member of the ESOP who served with your buddy, Mary)

Hope that you’re not jumping on the merry-go-round for a few months and then off again. This association has the highest turnover of members of all. A past member of the year claimed that only 20-30% will be in business in 3 years. Keep your day job!!

Why would one pay anyway? Most education is free No?