Flir E-Series

Anyone here picked up a new Flir E-Series?

How do you like it and what Model do you have?

They are on show . See an event in your area.

I have a question about something related to the E-series and others. It is the focus which is manual.

How many times do you need to adjust the focus just to make it sharp when viewing targets in the scene. I mean. What’s the range of distance before you need to adjust the focus manually. I’m concerned about it because thermal images are already vague and it may be hard to focus it without reverting to video mode and focusing and changing to thermal mode. I wonder if thermal camara with automatic or fixed lens are better in that everything is in focus. To those with experience about this manual vs automatic or fixed focus. Please share. Thanks.


You will focus a ton. Focus is one of things that has to be perfect when you take an image. It cannot be corrected for later on via software.

Personally, I am not a big fan of auto focus with IR. Here is another way to put it, do you see professional photographers using auto focus cameras? In my experience it gets close, but is never dead on.


What do you think about the FLIR i7 which is fixed focus and never has any focusing knob?

About focusing a ton. I guess you need first to focus in normal visible mode and switch to thermal only after focus is done, right? Or do you focus directly in thermal? I wonder if this is more difficult.

For quick assessment of the place and insulation check. I guess automatic mode will come again in some situations.

I wonder what is an e-series equivalent with automatic mode… maybe this can only occur in a video camera style thermal cam? The e60 handle is similar to i7.

I have an E50. Love it, really nice IR camera. Great features, good range and sensitivity.

I certainly prefer the manual focus. When I’m shooting motor sports or even static shots with my Nikon I’m always on manual.