FLIR T420/T440 Issues

I recently bought a T420 (brand new) and had a few issues which I’ve managed to capture on video. It was sent to FLIR and after a couple weeks of working with it, they said they were able to duplicate the issue in brand new T420 and T440 units as well. They said they were unsure what the cause was and are still investigating. I wanted to share my videos to see if any of you other T420 or T440 users have experienced the same issues I have so I could confirm FLIR’s response (trust but confirm).

For what it’s worth, FLIR indicated that it could be related to the laser pointer and turning it on and off (unsure of the frequency). I can also tell you that when I had the camera (for about a week) I did use the laser point a lot and though it was related as well although the issue is sporadic.

Here are my videos. If any of you have a T420 or T440 and have experienced these issues or can reproduce them, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any of those problems with my T440. Did you try the “reset to default settings”? Does the focus work at all with the slide adjustment button? Vertical lines in the image is an internal problem, time to send it back…sorry.

Hi Kris!

The focus issue seems to be affecting a few of us… when you lightly press the freeze/save button, the focus should actuate… I’ve noticed mine doing that several times, the only sure way to deal with it (in my case), is to let the unit fully boot up and leave it alone for a sec… seems to help (the button you are looking at/pressing for Auto/Manual is for Level/Span - temperature, not focus BTW).

The vertical lines seems like another issue altogether.

Seems like there is definitely a glitch with the focus systems of these cameras… I don’t know exactly the deal, and would seem they don’t either? Glitchy and expensive… kinda goes hand in hand??? <- Sarcasm

any one having issues with the 420BX or 440BX

What issues are you having Robert?

Also, I have more info. It appears the issues in the videos I provided may only occur when in MSX mode and taking images. If in normal thermal mode, the issues don’t appear to present themselves.

Does the 420 have MSX now?

Yes, it does. I wasn’t aware that it was manufactured without it.

I had no issues with mine in the year that I have owned it. Great imager.

No issues. I am looking to upgrade my Fluke Ti100 160 X 120.
I keep hearing software issues from Flir.
Just wondering.
I do not want to invest 9,000 and have software issues.

Thanks for asking Kris.
Kind of you.

I didn’t notice MSX was offered with the 420 last year when I was comparing the two. Must be a firmware upgrade, and maybe there is some glitch in that. Let us know if FLIR comes back with an answer. I just checked video w/ MSX with mine, and I don’t get the errors you have.

Actually, my issue wasn’t with video (although that may exist too if you do it enough). I haven’t really used video yet. It was just images in MSX. And, it’s not consistent. If I walked around the house for about 30 minutes looking at a bunch of stuff in MSX, focusing a lot, and using the laser pointer, the issues in my videos appeared.

I used it all week this week without MSX and it worked just fine.

If any of you guys that have a 420 or 440 are able to replicate, please let me know. Much appreciative for the responses so far. Thanks guys.

Yeah, found that out in my Level 1 this week. Unbelievable class. Couldn’t imagine doing any kind of real thermography without it.

I have an update. I had a couple other issues come up. Trying to turn on bluetooth was unresponsive and I had battery drain issues while the camera was off. If a put a fully charged battery in at night, turned the camera off, it would lose about 30% of it’s charge overnight. FLIR stepped up and is sending a full replacement.

I’ll post again once I get the new unit in case anyone is interested.

Glad to hear that Flir stepped up on this. FYI, my camera drains the battery when off too. I just take the battery out as I have heard a lot of cameras do the same thing and I assume is normal.

Just be glad they got a replacement to send … On the new E6 or E8 they’re so backed up its ludicrous.

Yes, the Flir’s drain the battery anytime it’s left inside the unit. Pop it out at the end of the last job.