Infrared cameras

I attended an information workshop last week and was impressed with these infrared cameras. They are very expensive starting at $8000.00. A four day course on how to interpert the images is almost $4000.00.
Has anyone had experience with the marketability of this equipment in the home inspection business?

4 day course for $4000? All of the major IR training outfits (FLIR, Snell, etc) charge about $1500 (plus your travel expenses) for a 4-5 day course that leads to Level 1 or Building certification.


It’s good that you were informed that the camera is pretty much useless without (expensive) training. This is straight from an unbiased thermograghy instructor today. Did some fact finding for possible future investment.

As an example, what will apprear to be a moisture stain in an infrared image may not be a moisture stain after all. Without training, 99% of camera operators will report it as moisture. This sets the stage for a inaccurate report at best.

Erol Kartal
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Haven’t been able to see how an expensive piece of equipment like that could possibly pay for itself, let alone make you a profit…I’ve given it a lot of thought lately and just decided to stick with my moisture meters, eye balls and regular tools of the trade. Just too rich for my blood.

Most of the time that pricey equipment barely gets paid for and it’s already out-dated, then time for a new one…and so on…and so on.

I purchased a FLIR bcam for my business. I believe there can be a great market for this service. Use it as a separate service or add it on a package deal. I have a few builders that like it. The reason I purchase an infrared camera was more for my niche. I am just starting off and needed something to distinguish myself. So far, obviously it hasn’t paid for itself yet but I have strong belief in this product. I advertise this a lot! Just thought I would share my opinion. It impresses a lot of people, even a lot of realtors!


That was a bad picture quality. Im still new at this posting thing.



Like many technologies the costs will fall as the market grows. Some inspection specialists like stucco inspector, commercial or moisture intrusion can justify the current price points but most of us residential guys will have a hard time getting a ROI.

If thinking Of renting $1000 a week near me. Cheaper to invest in one.


Interestingly enough a real estate agent plays on my hockey team. He was telling me on Monday how a H.I. did a presentation at their office last week and was discussing the use of infrared cameras during his inspection. He pulled out the camera and started showing it off. They were so impressed that after he left they all agreed that they WOULD NOT use this guy. Their fear was that he would find things that would not normally show up to 95% of home inspectors and possibily jeoprodize a deal. I agree that we must embrace technology or we’ll be left behind but maybe not just yet.

I am look in to getting a infra-red camera. I think that there will be a really big market for this type of added Inspection quality to add to a report, everything that I’ve seen is showing me how well this technology can enhance a report. I would really like some feed back on this from anyone that has one of these.

Radar may detect mold in walls
Radar may be a solution to the problem of detecting the presence of mold behind walls,under floors above ceilings and under finishes. the Georgia Tech research Institute has been conducting experiments using radar. Preliminary experiments show radar holds the most promise over other technologies.Test also show that the technology may be packaged in the form of lightweight and economical instruments. The investigation also established that even if found you still had to test it to confirm if mold.
More info at


Lots of great Information but I could not find the Radar… Roy

I actually got the article out of Plumbing & HVAC PRODUCT NEWS which gave the website address.


Try this HTTP://


Great thanks Gerry … Roy


Who’s loss is that?

I would buy one,but not in the budget right now.I was given a demo in Vegas from one of the vender’s,I think they are great!

See post #1 for previous comments.
It was a four hour presentation two hours was about the infrared cameras and the other two hours was a demonstration of a mould dog. The mould dog owner/handler stated that nothing comes close to the efficiency and accuracy of a trained mould dog. Nothing equals the dog for mould detecting and locating mould. I think the unstated intent of the two presentation was to show that infrared cameras were not suitable for mould detection


Exactly. The camera is used to search for possible moisture intrusion which doesn’t necessarily mean mold.

I’ve got nothing against the infrared cameras. Like I said we must embrace technology if we are to move forward. We’ve got the steep price and reluctant realtors working against us. Once the price drops and they start to become more acceptable I’m going to buy into them, until then I’m sitting on the fences. If there was a choice on the pole I’d consider myself a “jumping in the second round not right off the bat”

Anyone bought an infrared camera lately?