FLIR T300 / B300 with $1000 off or ITC Level I

Free FLIR ITC (Infrared Training Center) Level X Certification or $1000 off any FLIR T300 or FLIR B300 Infrared Camera. You can also choose between a free wide angle or telephoto lens and a car charger (with either lens). The ITC training is best deal, value wise.

FLIR T300 = $8995.00 (before promo)
FLIR B300 = $8995.00 (before promo)

Promo is good through 9-30-11.

We are also running a promo with any of the FLIR E Series cameras. They will come with a free Archos Tablet PC and DVR station (Archos product). This will allow you to run a USB out connection to the DVR station, which the tablet is docked in, and then utilize the tablet as a portable DVR. In addition if/when FLIR has an Android integration working in the E series you will be able to use the WiFi to the Archos tablet. Archos also makes a Windows 7 based platform if you prefer that.

This set up will actually work with any IR camera that has video out, not just the E Series. However, I have a feeling that FLIR will be releasing an Android integration (it already does Apple Ipads) very soon.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply

Take the money, get wide angle and have it upgraded to a T/B 400 for $700…

You sure it is the cheap David? Doesn’t make sense that a T/B 400 is $14,950 vs $8995.00 for the T300, but for $700 you can upgrade to the T/B 400? I guess it is possible, I will check in to that.


$700 for an upgrade???

I’m wrong!~

It’s $1,495.

$1k saved + $495= $1,495 Gets you a T400.
I have the invoice right in front of me.

But I may have gotten a deal since I’m such a nice guy! :wink:

45 degree lens is $1,750.


The 45 degree wide angle is only $995 and the telephoto is $1250. Car charger is $35.


That’s now… ;-(

Does anyone know of a leasing program for these IR cameras and lens.

It would seem to me that with the obvious requirement to perform a reasonable house inspection, the sale or lease of these camera would explode.

If one expects prices to fall and technological advances, would it not be better to lease for a couple of years



Why spend all that money when you can get one for just over $1000 and get rich real quick.

Geez, Linas…that’s over kill.:wink:

Try this, Bill::smiley:

Yes there are plenty of places to lease cameras. You will have probably paid the retail price equivalent for it before you have leased it for a year. While you’re at it lease someone who is qualified to perform thermography.

Infrared imaging is not a required part of a home inspection. Walking through a house waving an imager around without a clue and without a protocol does not serve your client or make you rich.

If you want to be a thermographer, learn the profession and become a thermographer.

Wielding the cheapest available infrared imager does not make you qualified to perform professional thermography any more than owning a point and shoot digital camera makes one a professional photographer.