Flir T400 ot T600 Series

Anybody used and have thoughts on the Flir T400 ot T600 Series

I have a Fluke Ti32 and thinking about upgrading

I have both.

Do you have a specific question?

I would go with the 600 series and you really need to take your level ll class you will start to understand IR

Since money isn’t a concern the 6 series is way better than the 4

I like the 600 Series but as we know for a home inspections its like using a 10lb sledge hammer to kill a fly. Big time overkill

I also hear the new T500 series will be out in a month or so AND the E95 is supposed to be top drawer with less $$$$ out of pocket

I would tend to agree.

I thing the most important HI thing is a wide angle lens option.
You are in a confined space and the focus distance of the wide angle has a wider depth of field and shorter focal length.

I tend not to jump on new stuff till they work out any issues (like the Note 7 phone).

I think 320 x 240 works best and should be a minimum for HI.

Ahhh if you think small you will always be small???:wink:

E95 is a rugged chassis and outstanding choice.

Don’t limit yourself to home inspection. There are a lot of opportunities with thermal.

Bingo you get the cigar:D:D:D

I got to play with the E95 this weekend…very nice imager.

the flir t400 is not exactly small, lol

He is talking about using Thermography not the camera…