FLIR over FLUKE thoughts?

I recently took United Infrared’s MoistureFindIR course and was hoping to get to see numerous kinds of cameras and features. I would consider myself a FLIR-man since that’s all I’ve ever been around and they’ve been good to me but that doesn’t end my curiosity about all other cameras.

Out of the 11 to 12 folks involved in the class EVERY single one of us had a FLIR.

Unfortunately IR cameras aren’t like cars where you can go test them all out in one day so I’m curious as to how the FLUKE 320 x 240 .05 sensitivity camera compares to the FLIR? I’ve searched and searched online to find comparison images or opinions but all I can find is stats about each camera model.

Does anybody have any opinions about the image quality between the two?

I too have a FLIR and can’t comment on the Fluke Imagers. On a different note, how was your experience with United Infrared/Moisture Find? I am considering some of their modules as I expand my IR business and would like to know how that is working for you. Thanks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I have been using Fluke now for over 3 years. I have only a TIR which is lower resolution. Waiting for the price to come down on 50mk cameras I have had the chance to demo both Fluke and Flir. I have used both side by side and can’t really see two much difference. If my business survives the year with some profit left over I will stay loyal to fluke.

If you want to compare toughness I will take fluke any day. Me and my trusty old imager have gone through some tough places and it has always delivered. I truly can hold up to the punishment.

If you wind up in bad places then you know the beating things take.

Jeff Moore and I compared my TI32 with Jeff’s Flir T-400…in my opinion I like the Flir better with the focus at the side rather than the lens, but just my uneducated opinion. As far as image quality I think they both are top of the line.

I’m just starting out in Thermal Imagingand have a LONG way to go.

Will be taking my Level One Course soon, and only hope to know half as much and Dave Anderson , Charley Bottger , Jeff Moore , Chuck Evansknow in the coming year.

I have been carrying a Fluke TiR for three years. I like it, larger screen and pretty tough.