My new camera had firmware problems and I sent it back. Fedex tracking showed it arrived at flir the afternoon of tues the 7th. Today, the 9th, I was surprised to see the fedex truck in my drive. Camera is back, works perfectly. Came with a letter of apology and some pricy gifts.
Service from FLIR and R.Bridges at tequipment is outstanding

and what a great camera as well… I love how it hooks up to my Ipad for reports

What type of problems was it having? I’m getting ready to buy 1, and some suppliers state there’s has the complete software package , opposed to a partial?? Claiming there competors don’t have the complete program?/ Favoring getting from PE. :roll:

I sent my FLIR T300 in Monday because it wouldn’t boot up. Last time I sent it in the telephoto lens had electronic issues. It’s still under warranty and I hope I don’t have any more problems. I hope to get a loaner since I already had to turn down work because of this.

looking for unit for mostly home inspection use, moisture issues, roof, missing insulation, big air leaks type stuff, and all the hot spot uses. Want to get into engery aduit eventially as sideline. Is E40BX a good unit for this? Or FLUKE TiR? like the drop test on the fluke, but the big screen is more important.

Flir e40bx is a great unit… from what I have read these new ones have a better drop rating like the Fluke but I dont want to test it…lol.
The touch screen and the Extech moisture meter that syncs the info on the screen is really nice. No more pen and paper

Thanks, that seams to match some of the info I can find on other blogs. That’s what I’m goingto buy then. Ordering from outfit in AZ.

I got the camera back today with the help of Rick Bridges from T Equipment and my local FLIR Representative Phil Pollard. Had a firmware problem. Got a complimentary calibration with my 25º and 45º lenses. Great service, just had to whine a bit to get a rush on it. :wink:

I would have went for curtain number 2. You can calibrate your own imager every year. Only needs factory calibration if it falls out of spec.

Whats curtain #2?

Anything besides a calibration check that you can do by yourself using a bowl of ice water and a pot of boiling water. You decide what your inconvenience is worth.

I got the factory calibration behind curtain #3 at no charge. My imager had new firmware installed under warranty.

I would have went for a free baseball hat. I probably would have gotten more use out of it and there is more value in it in my opinion. Obviously, they should have fixed the defective firmware issue anyways free of charge.

I got a free Infraspection hat the other day, well sort of free, I had to pay for Level II.

Damn…I didn’t get one of those!

I got a new hat from FLIR with cute little led lights in the Bill and it cost me nothing just because I am a nice guy;-);-):wink:

I can not believe you are playing the numbers game going for level ll congratulations IMHO the numbers are just continued education in a field that is wide open ya know we need a level lll in Chicago :p:p

That’s my goal.:wink:

Glad it worked out for you Linas. Remember anytime you have an issue feel free to contact me and I will get right on it for you.

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