Tricks with Quick Flir Quick Report 1.2 and Online Viewer

Not sure who uses Flir Quick Report. I use it to tune/prep my images, although I don’t use it to publish reports.

The Quick Report tool appears is smarter than it lets on. For instance, there is no option (at least not that I can find) to add an area with a hotspot seeker to your image. However, if the image already has one it will preserve it and what’s more, you can move it, adjust it and even clone it to create more.

Whenever I shoot an electrical panel I’ll set my camera (EX320) measurement mode to area max. When I bring the image into QR I can adjust it as I want. To create a second, third, etc. area max, just hold down the control key and drag it to where you want it. You can then manipulate each area independently.

Another thing that I have discovered with QR is that it can support more pallets than the ones in its menu (apparently the pallet is embedded in the image). This is where Flir’s neat web viewer comes in. You can upload your image, choose a pallet from the large list available on the viewer, then download the image back to your computer and open it in QR. The new pallet will be retained in the image and you can still adjust the span for optimal tuning.

Unfortunately, it appears that you can’t do both in the same image (the web viewer loses the pointer).

I’ve attached a few images which illustrate some of these capabilities. The first image shows multiple area max pointers, while the other three show pallets not available directly in my camera or QR.

Anyone else know of any other tricks to get more out of Quick Report???

Try this, you’ll save time.

My Computer > Program Files > QuickReport (or QuickView) and find the folder with the pallets, copy what you don’t have into the program you use and they are added in the pull down… It will be there in a click!

I don’ t know about the on line viewer, but Quick View (free download) has more of the newer version.

If you have a problem, I have a folder with all the pallets around here somewhere that I was distributing in IR Class that I can email to anyone that needs it.

Another tip: If you don’t use QuickReport because you can’t add much text to the description box, Open the scans you want to annotate in Quickview (tune the scan) and add your text there. Much more capacity in the text box! Then when you make a report in QuickReport , it’s all there.

Shoot me the pallets if you would please chuck at