FLIR's New Video

See FLIR’s new video about thermal imaging.
It was new to me and I liked it.

I embedded it into my web site

Thanks John very interesting.
… Cookie

Very nice, is that the same one they had before and just updated some scenes and music. Regardless, still really cool.

I’d like it even more if you could edit out the parts where they mention more money for the inspector. For them to sell to us and their reasons why is one thing. But maybe one geared more toward the public would be better.

Just my opinion.:smiley:


Nice video, I wish they had one more for the public as well.


How long ago did you get a FLIR?
When did it start to pay for itself.


This video is different than the other one. Seems much better and
in a flash format.

BTW… you are all welcome to copy anything you need off of
my web site, including the script that will embed the video
on your web site.

Call me if you need me… 888-818-4838


My BCAM started paying for itself from day one.
People hire me for a full inspection and thermal
imaging for $450 - $650 .

Most inspectors out here charge $175 -$300.

So you can see that people are willing to pay for better
service. Go for it.


When do you have time to do inspections?