Chimney Leaning?

Pictures say it all. They actually flashed and re-roofed to the edge of this.

the thin metal strap will surely hold it up :wink: it should be fine now.

Been like that for 30 years lolol should be a problem , You deal killers gezzz

I suppose I should have put “Flashed” in quotations. They bothered to finish around it. That was 2006.

maybe the house is leaning and the chimney isnt… hmmm

I wish there was a like button for posts.

Mine from yesterday must be straight.

The cable was great for support.

You have it all wrong, Bob, it was made like that for better aerodynamics, you are in the windy city right?

Needs some caulk.

Amazing. People actually get paid Bob to build these things in your area?:slight_smile:

Here’s one from the last week.