Floor framing help

Sideways 2x8 used for the ledger for the center girder. New constrcution in podunk.
Another new one for me. Will this work? I have seen it on a few small decks but this? I would thinks it lacked shear strengh.

No, this is not a standard accepted ledger for conventional framing.
This ledger is at the mercy of the nail pull out values.

That 2x8 on its side can barely hold up its own weight much less a floor. You should mention in your report the person that built this is too stupid to own a hammer.

Hardware stores should post the following sign:

"Anyone buying a hammer over 16 oz or an automatic nail gun will require a mandatory background check."

I agree Randy.
I also posted the wrong pics.

This one is more suitable.



As far as I can tell, that Builder struck out 3 times and is out of the game. :);):mrgreen:

Yeah, its been a real fun one. New construction mind you. One section had no strips or hangers.

Hard to believe that was new construction Sean.

It don’t appear the new generation of Builders is going to get any better. :slight_smile:

I am going to go out on a limb and say it is wrong! LOL

The sad truth…

That’s an inadequate “girder”, not an inadequate “ledger”.

We don’t actually see the girder, do we Kenton?:slight_smile:

I beleive Kenton you are only seeing the “ledger”. Above that is a flush beam I presume. No hangers or proper ledger. Rip off the “ledger” and install hangers. Problem solved.

Or the designers and AHJ

Right Marcel, it’s an imaginary girder.

If I am right Kenton, it is not a girder at all.

The 2x6 appears to overhang for a 2" ledger and assummed to be 2" on the other side also, that leaves 1&1/2" for the middle.

They framed it with a single member. ;):slight_smile:

Good catch Marcel. What a crappy way to build a home. Now they need to install a three ply beam under that mess to hold it up.

You’re right Marcel, it’s probably a flush beam.