New inspector - Excited!

Hello all. I am very excited to be joining the ranks. I have all my licenses and insurance and everything I need to get going. Have joined this killer organization of NACHI, and I look forward to learning from, working with, and contributing to this great organization. Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and ask a few questions. I am in the Daytona Beach area, and am a little confused on the four point aspect. Where do I get forms? Is it an insurance company specific form? If someone were to call me asking for that type of inspection, would I need the name of their carrier? And how do I go about obtaining said form? Also, while inspecting a friend’s house today, I came across a few FPL on-call breakers, and noticed that they are two pole breakers with a hot wire on one side, and a neutral wire on the other. Is this acceptable? I wasn’t aware of any situation where a fused neutral was ok? I appreciate everyone’s help and again am very excited. By the way, I have named my company True Measure Home Inspections. Thanks everyone.

Daytona Beach? You aren’t far from this event on Sunday night: You can attend for free without registering for the subsequent convention. It is open to all.

What is your experience? What did you do before choosing this trade?

I suggest you make up your own 4 point inspection form as that is the traditional method. \I charge more for a citizens 4 point than a traditional one. i normally get $125 with something else and $150 stand alone but I SELL IT AS DIFFERENT. There are many scumbags that will do it all for pennies.
Especially multi inspector firms that just tell the inspector tough s h i t do it or work somewhere else. be your own boss and do not take any s h i t. BUT do what you MUST to make a living. That many times will equate to going against my advice but you must do what you must to bring in the bread. It’s a real b i t c h out there with 8700 + ista pro inspectors out there. Become a CMI and stand above the rest as soon as you can.

Citizens requires their form or the same info on it. Just put photos of everything you inspect and you should be fine. I do NOT Recommend the nachi form as it is a mini home inspection and ridiculous and you will never get the work if you charge what it is worth. Feel free to call me anytime after 10:30 am to discuss and before 6:00pm

My best advice is DO NOT BE A SHEEP. Decide how you want to do things and do it that way. Listen to others ideas and then THINK about it and make up your own mind. Many are here that will help.

Good Luck

Now have fun listening to the sheep rip me :slight_smile:

The white wire on a 2-pole circuit is often used as a hot wire.It should be color coded with black or red tape.That’s probably what your seeing.

Thanks everyone. Not sure how I get your guys names, so I guess I will refer to you by screen names for now. First off, thanks for the heads up on that Nick. I am definitely going to try and make it there. mmeeker, thanks for the advice. My experience is varied, but I have owned a general construction company with my dad and brother, doing all different types of remodeling and repairs. Took my contractor test twice, and never passed all three portions. So I do have a well rounded knowledge of many different construction aspects. And I will give you a call, thanks for offering that. And smanchester, thanks for that, but I do not think that’s what was going on. I will look back into it though. So are you saying that it is wrong if it is a neutral? I just don’t know if those on-call breakers are different as a I have no experience with them at all.

In future posts it is best if you attach a photo of the topic you need help on. Not one from across the street as some done in the past with a caption like…what is wrong with this picture. A nice clear close up will get good results. Good luck with your future business.

Thanks dedwards. That is a good idea. I do have some photos and will attach in a bit.

Mr. Meeker ends with fantastic advice! Filter what you see here. I think everyone has the ability to be and is great here. You just have to weed through some rhetoric sometimes. Embrace it and have fun with it. If you are familiar with hazing, you will understand some of the approaches that some have. However, when serious, I find that those that like that sort of thing are smart guys and have a lot to offer.

Travis, there will be a four point class next week at

I would suggest going for the full event as your head will spin with the great information shared there.

You can get a four point form from Nachi or but there is a little more to it than that. You can contact me directly if you have any questions you do not want to post, although I encourage you to, many have the same questions and the answers may vary.

I would also go to

Also… read this book: