Florida consumer needs an insured NACHI member for new construction inspection. HELP.

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From: Steve Frearson
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Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 4:55 PM
Subject: Difficulty in locating an inspector

Hi there,

We are building a home in Clermont, Florida with a builder called KB HOME.
We would like to use a NACHI approved inspector during the construction process. However, KB HOME require the inspector to sign a document that outlines the inspectors insurance arrangements. All inspectors that we have contacted have refused to work with the constraints put in place by KB HOME.

Can you suggest a NACHI member who would be willing to work with us on inspecting the KB HOME? As they are one of the largest builders in the USA, we assume there must be inspectors out there who work under the imposed conditions, and we are very keen to find one.

Many thanks

Steve Frearson

Looks like he needs inspections during different phases of the construction because he lives in England.

KB will not allow any inspector who does not have Workers Comp any where near there houses. They will not except an exemption certificate. Your vehicle also has be insured for a $1,000,000 as well

Do we need to wonder why?

I had a relater I know ask me to inspect a KB house for her clients before closing just after the new year. KB would not let me. They closed on a Friday they moved in on Saturday, had there first shower in there new home (which BTW was also in Clermont) on Saturday night when they came down there was a big hole in the kitchen ceiling and a lot of water on the kitchen floor. KB homes when will people learn?

I feel sorry for my fellow countryman




We can allow inspectors to work through our company, Ameripro inspection Corporation rather than loose these inspections. We carry all the necessary insurances and have no problem getting on any new construction project.

This is not a guarantee however that we will allow every inspector to be part of the network as additional training, report review and interviews are required. Pay rate will not be discussed on the board but will definitely depend on how much experience you have, your qualifications and code knowledge and how much management is needed on behalf of the company.

If you are in Florida and interested in getting involved in our network, please forward your resume and company profile to mrowan@ameriproinspect.com and we will get back with you.

Depending on what volume you are conducting you may also be eligible for health insurance and disability benefits.