Florida General liability Insurance-Harford/Atha

For everybody who got that good deal for $250 through The Hartford and Atha Foresburg, you got a good deal, they’re not offering that program anymore, you guys got grandfathered in. Can anyone recommend any other good deals out there? Thanks.

Well I signed up over a month ago and was sent a cert. showing coverage.
I never received any bill so I keep e-mailing Atha and get no response.

I just found GL insurance for a little over $500.00. Anyone interested email me and I will give you the details

I use Auto Owners Insurence $560.00 a year.

I signed up on September 20th and was told $250.00. Was issued a temp. cert. showing I’m insured.
Now I see some NACHI members signed up AFTER I did and were billed $250.00. I was billed $570.00. Something is wrong here. I do not see any grandfathering.
Called Atha and was told the program was stopped. I received an e-mail from here stating I was grandfathered.
Called The Hartford and was told HUB International put the inspectors down as property appraiser, not home inspectors. When they saw my classification as H.I. it changed the price. I questioned Atha about that right from the beginning and was told it was O.K.
Anyone who has a policy with The Hartford for the $250.00 fee beware. If you have a claim and your classified wrong because of HUBS mistake you will be denied the claim.

I Agree With Your Last Post It Is All True The Same Thing You Posted Happened To Me

Atha Called Me Directly And Said Not Enough Nachi Members Signed Up So We Could Not Get The 250.00 Price.

I Did Question Her On The Appraiser Part Of The Coverage, She Said Its Ok, Just A Way Of Getting A Lower Rate.

So My Coverage Will Be 1 Million Not 2 Million And Probably 435.00