Liability Insurance

Can anyone recommend a company with a good deal for general Liability Insurance?

We opened up FLA. General Liability this week! Call me at my contact info below.

*Schuyler W. Hellings
CH Insurance Brokerage
888-400-8087 x243
*"Committment to Performance"

This is who I use he gives the best rate out here in AZ.

I have left you more than one message and not one returned call.:frowning:

And I can not get the provided links to work. I am interested in your rates Schuyler.:slight_smile:

He told me a couple of weeks ago that he couldn’t write policies here “yet”.

Try State Farm. The price I got on Gen. Liabilty and E&O together can’t be beat. The E&O may not be available in your area, so check with a local agent.

NOVA Casualty Company. Saved me $500.

I have a 500k policy with State Farm. It cost me $250.

Wow, just read info that Nick provided RE: Hartford Insurance. Think I’ll be changing when it’s time for renewal! Just realized my membership needs to be renewed this month. This information regarding insurance is worth the dues alone. Thanks Nick.

Y’all need to read what Mr. Kenny just found out about Hartford thru HUB International

Here is an interesting Email I just received. guess they don’t want the business.

I apologize for not getting back to you. I’m sad to report that as of yesterday, this program is no longer available. I am working to get the information taken-off the website. I do not have authority to write any more policies under this exclusive program. We just didn’t get enough interest!
I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Please call me with any further questions.
Kind regards,

Atha Forsberg
Account Executive
HUB International Southwest
1801 Broadway, Suite 820
Denver, CO 80202
Direct: 303-382-5172
Toll-Free: 1-800-851-1067
Fax: 303-297-1230

Give Schuyler a call.
The way he pitched in to help us run the booths at ITA, I know he’s in support of NACHI members!

Guys he can write policys here I have been quite happy with him and the price for over 6 months now.
Dale could it be he can’t write one for Scottsdale? I know my other insurence is a different rate if I live in Scottsdale?
May be you guys are getting a problem for your Zip code?
This is the best insurence I have had and best price…

He does not call back, I went elsewhere.

Damned if I know Mike, I had one hell of a time just getting in touch with him, didn’t return calls or emails.

He said he couldn’t write policies in Arizona period, from what I understood.

Claimed he needed another broker to back something, hell I forget now exactly what he was talking about, but it didn’t pan-out.

Maybe cause I wanted an E&O price also…?