Florida Grandfather License

Can anyone tell me what is going on? I submitted all requested information and application to the DBPR and still waiting with no news or even a number to call. To make matters worse I’ve had 3 calls in the past 24 hours from insurance agents saying that they just received a letter from Citizens saying that I do not have a DBPR license number dates of updates can’t be applied and insurance will be cancelled in 48 hours.

I tried calling DBPR and the agent that answered explained that there is no phone number available only a fax number to request that they give me a call…

Please if anyone has any information please do say…

Jose told me that he had 3 four point inspections kicked back by citizens because they are not accepting the NACHI number anymore. They want a state license number on all four points.

Nick are you aware of this? I told him that he should send you an email to see if you had any contacts at citizens that could work this out.

You need both. One or the other isn’t quite enough. If you applied for your license but haven’t received it yet, go to the DBPR website and print off a screen shot of your application status where it says “no deficiencies.” Include a copy of that screen shot and this www.nachi.org/mycertificate.htm and you’ll be fine.

Jose, this thread should have been in our Florida forum.

Thanks Nick

I knew that you would have an answer.

I am not even going to go there.

Don’t have the answer but I just went to the DBPR portal and plugged in a name of someone I know who submitted late and it is still in process and it has been almost 3 weeks. I wonder if they have put a freeze on processing since the law may be repealed and they figure it isn’t worth moving forward.

No they are still processing applications. Some just take longer than others. Don’t forget that they processed about 2400 licenses from July 2010 to February 15 2011. From 2-15 to 3-1 they have had at least 2600 people apply.

My mold assessors license to 2 weeks…3/1/2011 3/14/2011

so they are still processing… took a gamble…looks like i lost

Thanks for all the help as of now I have an agent that is telling me that the DBPR screen shot is not enough she needs confirmation of when I applied but I am thinking that she is just making her own interpretation (or someone she is talking to). Thanks you all!