Florida Home Inspection Licensing... Fat Chance!

While reading the editorial pages of today’s Saint Pete Times it was noted that the state of Florida expects a budget shortfall for the 2009-2010 fiscal year of (hold on to your hats) $3.5 billion dollars. Based on that and the fact that by then will be knee-deep in a worldwide recession, it is doubtful that the state will cough up the money to install a dubious home inspector licensing plan under these Draconian budgetary constraints.

All of you fatcat exam peddlers out there who were planning on financing your new Lexus on the backs of Florida home inspectors better have a good contingency plan in place as I predict a indefinite postponement of the provisions of the licensing law. :mrgreen:

Comments welcome.

Now may be a good time to begin lobbying to repeal the law. You think?

With such a budget defecit and an expensive, cumbersome and needless law as yours is…it shouldn’t be hard to get the attention of some citizens’ groups to oppose this wasteful spending.

I’m not sure, if we do that they will just be back each & every friggin’ year pissing & moaning about some such nonsense and all the while attempting to get another POS bill passed.

Without funding it just might be possible to freeze the SOB in licensing-law-purgatory for a very long time.

That same thing happened in Md. It took about 5 years to finally get it funded after passage. I think they just started in 08.

What are you worried about Joe ? The basic concept is not bad but the 120 hours of classroom does seem excessive .Come to the meeting and see what NIck and the gang have done about it
Dennis Fackler

Sit through a 120 hour class and pass an “everybody passes” test. I would not call that being excessive, I would call it giving the Florida consumer a false sense of security. Florida consumer beware because the Florida home inspector licensure will be releasing a lot of unqualified newbie inspectors on your streets.

Kansas. Ditto.

UPDATE - Florida Legislature in special budget session, it is worse than anyone thought. I’m truly betting that nothing is done regarding HI licensing and this could be the best of both worlds in that we will have a do-nothing law on the books and because of budget cut-backs most likely no new legislation will be introduced. SCREW The Licensing-Nazis & pass the ammunition. :smiley:

Associated Press

Fla. lawmakers work on $2.3B budget deficit

By BILL KACZOR , 01.05.09, 03:41 PM EST

Florida lawmakers will have to make deeper spending cuts than anticipated because December tax collections fell $100 million below forecast, Senate President Jeff Atwater said as the Legislature convened Monday in special session to confront a growing budget deficit.

If the December trend continues through June 30, when the budget year ends, Florida could be another $600 million to $700 million in the hole, said Atwater, R-North Palm

During the special session, the Republican-controlled Legislature is looking at a combination of options including spending cuts, reserves, and higher court fees and fines to close at least a $2.3 billion budget deficit.

Tax increases, though, are off the table for the special session.

More: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2009/01/05/ap5880862.html