Florida Licensing one year and counting

I just finished reading an article in the Orlando Sentinel about what the state is going to cut next year to balance the budget. They are suggesting that they should take away funding for any programs that were started after the 04-05 budget. Nothing about funding any future programs.

The state has a 5.8 billion deficit for the 09-10 budget. There is a 2.6 billion deficit for the 08-09 budget that needs attention now. They are planning on taking more money from the trusts that the state set up in the past for hard times. At this rate the trusts will be broke after the 10-11 budget.

You heard it here first there will not be any home inspector licensing in 2010. I think we might get it by 2020 if we are lucky.

Is it wrong to be thankful for a huge state deficit?:-k

Congratulations, Florida…

Now, Kansas inspectors need to show their legislators the way…

Im Ready and waiting. Looking for Partners in Franchise for 2010.
Florida Certified Home Inspectors Inc


I hope you’re correct, Greg. By 2020 I’ll be out of this business! :wink:

Might be too late for WA but we’ve got a big deficit and licensing coming around the corner as well. Our day of doom is September 2009. I’ll cross my fingers REALLY hard.

Listen to this bullsh!t:
We’re (inspectors who’ve been in business under 2 years and have under 100 inspections. I’ll have over 100 by then but I can’t do anything about time) going to be required to have 120 hours of approved education and 40 hours field training by a course or licensed inspector to get our license.
Here’s the fun part. We’re about 9 months away and counting and have NO approved education yet and obviously NO licensed inspectors to field train with. So, there’s no way to prep until they approve something. We get to sit on our ***** until they get around to it and then rush to fulfill the requirements or have an overlap where we can’t inspect.

Welcome to the political BS we are all dealing with. Nick is joining this establishment, and detailing out SOP’s to be used on every section/item/area that we inspect, starting with chimney’s. It is so technical, that legislatures are going “wow, this guy must know something about the business. Let’s call him, and have him run the industry”. Look out. States will save money, and will just let Nick handle it. Cha-ching.

I think that the case for Florida will get much worse then even imagined by 2010, all that needs to happen is a small hurricane and you can double the figures. Its been three years since we have has a major hurricane hit Florida how many more years does anyone think our luck will hold out?

The silver lining in all this might be the curtailment of the war on terrorism and the war on some drugs and a more liberal policy toward casino gambling, all of which will reduce the strain on the budget.

Florida’s budget deficit jumps by $150 million to $2.3 billion
Florida’s budget deficit widened to $2.3 billion, forcing state lawmakers and officials to consider many ideas, like cutting Medicaid and housing inmates in tent cities.

Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau

TALLAHASSEE – As the economy tanks, Florida legislators learned Wednesday that the state’s budget deficit has ballooned to $2.3 billion – a $150 million increase in just weeks due mostly to soaring healthcare costs.

The grim financial picture was laid out in detail during a rare pre-session meeting of the full Senate called by Senate President Jeff Atwater, who told the lawmakers that the state is running out of time and money.

Excerpt: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/top-stories/story/808099.html

Stop your whining. FL is nothing special. They all spend too much.

Wisconsin’s projected budget deficit grows to $5.4 billion
Wisconsin’s projected budget deficit has increased by $400 million, and Gov. Jim Doyle announced some short-term spending cuts at a news conference Thursday.

**Minnesota’s Projected Budget Deficit Reaches 4 Billion Dollars
**Minnesota is pretty comparable to other states. Wisconsin is also facing what they’re calling the biggest deficit their state has ever seen, 5–point–4 billion dollars.

This was in the Emporia State Campus Newspaper.

***Emporia State’s budget for the 2009 fiscal year will be cut by $2.5 million, according to Michael Lane, president of ESU. Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas governor, proposed a seven percent cut to take effect over the next two years. Overall, the state budget for higher education could potentially be reduced by $114 million by 2010, said a news release from the Kansas Board of Regents. Currently, each department is being asked to reduce their budgets for next year by three percent. When planning for 2010, they will be asked to cut again by an additional four percent. By 2010, the budget will be about $6 million dollars short of what it was in 2008 …

***My niece goes to Emporia State, to be a Kansas teacher. If the state of Kansas gives money to the new home inspection board, and cuts the budgets of colleges and future teachers, then every Kansas legislator needs to be fired, including senators and even the governor herself. What is the most important?

I know - That’s why I don’t understand all the problems over the ILL governor trying to sell Obama’s empty Senate seat… He was just trying to boost the state budget. He WAS going to turn the money over to the state budget, wasn’t he…???:wink:

All political appointments should be on a cash basis - get it in the open, and lower the deficits!

Bank bail outs, auto bail outs, state bail outs, where is mine? California budget decifit at $41.8 billion by 2010; Kansas budget in double-didgets, most all other states cutting budgets. Recession is running deeper. A local construction contractor here in KC may be going out of business. The largest in the city. They lost a $500 million dollar+ build of a large casino in California. The builder stopped construction. No money. Lawmakers in every state and at the federal levels are blind to what is going on. They all just listen to their special interest groups. It is going to get ugly.