Florida Licensing Status Update Please

Is there going to be licensing in Florida for Home Inspectors without ANY doubt or do politicians still have to vote? When I try to search for info I cannot find out much. Is there a chance that we will not have to get licenses? Is there a State website where I can find out this information. I have been trying to follow this on these message boards and am not sure of anything.

Law was** passed **3 years ago. Adjustments are in legislature now. We have waited 5 years for this, now only about 60 days (from yesterday) to go. Should be easy to get a home inspection license. Check the DBPR website, you can sign up for a weekly DBPR newsletter.

The legislative session began yesterday. The Department has no appropriations until July 1, 2010 and does not have statutory authority to do much until then.

Please excuse my ignorance but what does “The Department has no appropriations until July 1, 2010 and does not have statutory authority to do much until then” mean. Is there a chance we will not have to be licensed or is it yes we definitely will and we just have to wait and see what we have to do. I appolige if this has been gone over before but I can’t figure anything out and have no idea what a GLITCH bill is and cannot find any info anywhere but here. Thanks for the help.

We already know what we have to do to get a license. As things stand now:

Do 120 hours of inspection education (conventional path to licensing).


… get granfathered by March 1, 2011 (note, that is 2011, not 2010):

 Applicants for grandfathering must either...

  ... be certified by a national home inspection association that  requires a proctored exam PLUS compete 14 hours of education on home  inspection.


  ... submit 120 inspection reports PLUS complete 14 hours of education.

We just don’t know if the Glitch Bill will change anything… or… if the Department’s own rules and regulations will change anything.

I understand that much. Is it 100% that we will have to be licensed? I assume you will post what and if anything is changed with the Glitch bill. Thanks for all your help in this matter.

100%? No, it is not 100%. We had licensing enacted by Maryland for many years before the state actually appropriated funding to license anyone. You never really know for sure 100%.

Ok. Who should we contact about the matter if we want them to hear our opinions. Senators or Congressmen or both? I have never been involved in polictics before so I have no idea.

Home inspector and Mold inspector licensing is scheduled to go into effect July 1 2010. To view the existing laws online, go to:

Home Inspector Licensing law: F.S. 468.83-468.8324

Mold Inspector/Assessor Licensing Law: F.S. 468.84-468.8423

There are currently 4 bills in the 2010 legislative session that started yesterday that affect or modify the existing laws.

Senate Bill – SB 648 by Senator Bennett
Senate Bill- SB 1330 by Senator Fasano* DBPR backed
These bills can be viewed and tracked at: www.flsenate.gov

House Bill- HB 663 by Rep. Aubuchon- similar to SB 648 Bennett
House Bill- HB 713 by Rep. Workman- similar to SB 1330-Fasano* DBPR backed
These bills can be viewed and tracked at: www.myfloridahouse.gov


Thanks for the info. I will check it out.

This is where we are as of today:
03/02/10 SENATE Introduced, referred to Regulated Industries; Banking and
Insurance; Community Affairs; Education Pre-K - 12; Policy &
Steering Committee on Ways and Means -SJ 00049; On Committee
agenda-- Regulated Industries, 02/02/10, 1:30 pm, 110-S;
Favorable with 1 amendment(s) by Regulated Industries
(914462); YEAS 7 NAYS 0 -SJ 00162; Pending reference
review under Rule 4.7(2) - (Amendments); Now in Banking and
Insurance -SJ 00162

The Link is
http://www.flsenate.gov/session/index.cfm?BI_Mode=ViewBillInfo&Mode=Bills&ElementID=JumpToBox&SubMe nu=1&Year=2010&billnum=648

I have attached the SB648 as it relates " as of 3-4-2010" to home inspections.
We are going to be covering this at our March 20th Chapter Meeting.
West Central Florida Chapter

where is the next meeting at ? and Time

Check " florida inspectors " on the message board

That is State or national asociations, as read in the text of the bill, small clarification for the members.

If the issue of home inspections is left to the banking and insurance regulatory department (Alex Sink) then this would be the worst possible news for our industry. Remember these are the architects of the MSFH program, the same program that excluded all of us – gave exclusive rights and enriched a select few (WCE’s) and after the program ended has created rules and unfair advantages for the formal WCE’s to monopolize the mitigation inspections. Something they are doing quit well given the unjust influence, and millions of tax payer dollars they made. Soon you’ll all work for the WCE’s exclusively for nominal wages if the inner circle gets control of this.


Only time will tell. Hopefully everything works out ok.

I hear you Jose, hopefully we won’t get screwed as bad by the DBPR.

I may be going too far here……but here’s my thoughts………
All reviews of the SB 648 have been favorable for Home Inspectors with the amendments previously posted.
The DBPR is not out to screw Home Inspectors.
Yes, .there are 3 other bills… but those bills – especially SB 1330 are in favor of the SIMILAR POSITIVE changes as SB 648 as it s now modified to read.
Once SB 648 is passed all other SB amendments are mute and void, because the refer to the original bill 468…

We, as Home Inspectors, are relatively small fish in the big scheme of things…(monetarily to the State of Florida)
Up to date - information as to the Senate Bills 648 status will be presented at our March 20th meeting.
Nick is well aware of the portion of the “Grand Fathering” requirement as it relates to Home Inspection Association… and is prepared to take action.

If we are small fish, then why do we need to be licensed?

License us, then license people who mow grass, contractors, home builders, joe repairman, etc. Might as well go all the way. Are people who clean homes licensed? Have insurance?

I just do not like how government is moving in to every aspect of our lives.

I’m with you Gary