Florida License & Expectations

Hey guys,

First let me say that I’m so well impressed with the Home Inspector community! You guys rock!

Just finished the 120h online portion today (10/11/19) and planning to take the proctored test early next week. Anyone took the test recently? Any advice?

Realistically, what can I expect from the market as a novice in this industry?


It depends on your market and a bunch of other factors.
When I started in 1994, I charged $179.00 for a comprehensive home inspection.
I farmed out the wdo inspection, because even though I had the ability to do it, I didn’t want the liability.

Back then, I would average 2 inspections a day, three days a week.

My first complete year, I started in June 1994, so that part of the year I reimbursed myself for the costs of opening the company, 1995 I grossed about 48K if I remember correctly. The next year I increased my price significantly ($100.00 per inspection), and added a few more inspections, and my gross was over 100K. The following year I started doing onsite inspection reports (Toshiba Laptop with HP laserjet 5 printer), raised prices again, and got even busier. $200K

Now, as I am 26 years into it, I do 2 inspections a week for more than double what I was charging back then.
Over the years, I have put a lot of money away, put my wife through college, bought houses, boats, vacations, etc…

Now, with all of the technological advances, it is much easier for the new guys, except, that everyone now has that technology. You have to come up with a way to separate yourself from your competition.

When I first started out, I had a typewriter and a Canon copy machine! No spell check…just a corrective ribbon…which I went through very quickly!! My difference was I delivered multiple copies of the report, same day, to the Realtors office. At the time, Realtors were complaining that it took about a week to get an inspection report. When computers became affordable, ( if by affordable you mean 2K for a laptop, scanner, and printer), that is when I made the move to onsite reports.

Good Luck!!

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Hey Eric,

Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom!

I’m taking the test tomorrow…

I passed! I scored higher at InterNACHI’s test, but scored enough at the proctored test. I submitted the DBPR online application this afternoon and did the fingerprint in Pembroke Pines, now waiting them to review the application…

Congratulations and Good Luck!!

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