State Exam

To those of you that have taken these NACHI courses and the Florida state exam, how was it? Can you give any further direction or study advice? I have already downloaded the NACHI study guide and recommended classes, and FL statutes. Just looking for more focused study information. Or an idea of the exam difficulty.


Take the practice test. Set-up taking the exam with Nachi and you will take the same exam. The Nahie exam is a little more difficult.

Don’t make the mistake of taking the expensive, goofy NHIE. Take InterNACHI’s proctored exam (approved for pre-licensing in FL).

Thanks for your responses! I’ll let you know how it goes.

The Electrical and General portions give applicants the most problems. I recommend you study those more!

Is the online inspectors exam the same as the proctor exam in Florida. I am currently on my way to getting licensed. Just wondering case I’m not missing anything.

It is the same at the InterNachi proctored exam. The State gives the Nhie exam. Either will work for your license.

Thanks John,

I have been taking that exam periodically. I’m only half way through my 120 hour class and just trying to study hard so when it comes time for the exam I can hopefully pass my exam. This is something I am passionate about and learning new things every day.

I took the INACHI proctored exam. It was MUCH more difficult than the practice exam they have here.


It is the same exam

I just took the state proctors exam, it is taken from a pool of the same questions you are quizzed on in the nachi courses and practice exam.

To be clear the state uses the Nhie test through Personvue
While the Nachi test, posted here is not accepted by the state unless it is proctored. Nachi also has a practice test here. If you study the Nachi test it would only make sense to have it proctored(Nachi Proctored test) and use it for your license in the State of Fl.

I don’t know what proctored nachi exam I took, but it was at least twice as hard as the practice exam here.


I took AHIT 120 hour class, and then the NACHI practice exam about 50 times before taking the NHIE. Passed with a 681 the first time. Probably depends on what questions you get though, being that the questions come from a pool of about 1500. Most of the questions I had never seen before, but made educated guesses on what I hadn’t seen. Just take your time, you have 4 hours. I think it took me 2 and went through it a couple of times after finishing.