Exam and licensing - Florida What to expect !

I hope this helps people. I didnt know what to do since my school did not have an Approved state exam and study materials didnt match NHIE ( months of study wasted ).

ADVISE - Take InterNACHI Training - Quizzes , Practice Tests and then Their exam !! Read on folks !!

Florida currently recognizes 4 Exams (Per their website )

National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE)

Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI)

InterNACHI Florida Home Inspector Licensing Examination

Association of Construction Industry’s Certified Home & Property Inspector Examination (CI-HPI)

If you take the NHIE and fail you have to wait a month to take it again…This happend to me after studying for about 3 months using several sources. Very pissed. to say the least. ( I didnt wait ) Time is money

The company I took my 120 hrs from gave me free 1 yr membership to InterNACHI… So glad I signed up !!! You can take the exam as many times as you want. I wish I had joined InterNACHI to begin with. Very happy with course materials.

Instead of waiting a month I Joined InterNACHI and went through their course…Taking all the practice quizzes and the Online test… I took the online many times till I was scoring mid 90s every time and felt I was ready for the Proctored Exam taken under a Master Inspector near me!

Passed with 96 - Pretty happy.

Got my insurance and began my Florida License Application. 36 bucks a month for GL…But no E&O yet very expensive !
Finger Prints and background - Check ( told to wait about 5 day for them to be in the system )
Attached my 120 Hr Course copy and info - Check
Attached my InterNACHI Proctored EXAM results -Exam Error - No exam on file ( told this is normal , after calling )
Finished filling out app and submit - Check
Paid my fee - Check

Now have to wait 10 bus days or up to three weeks. For processing…

So now everything is on hold… No business cards , business truck signs…Or tools… till the license is approved… Working on my website deciding on which software to use… Busy as a bee but no income lol !!!

Expect some delay folks… Hope this helps others to see what the process is like.

Member of InterNACHI , ASHI

I have 120 Hrs course ( more like 480 hrs learning while studying exam and 2 schools )
Radon Cert , Wind Mit Cert, FAA Drone License Part 107

Update … instead of mailing in my application to the state of Florida I did their application online and paid my fee. Believe it or not they approved and sent me my license the very next day. Very happy with state of Florida’s Licencing Divsion.
Also by the next day all of my ongoing education credits from internachi had already posted. Again internachi paid for itself. I already have over 40 credit hours needed for continuing education.

Now I’m working on my website getting my pre inspection agreements setup. Got my tools camera bunch of other stuff together. Business cards magnetic signs for my truck. Almost ready to go.

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