Florida State Exam, am I ready?

Hello all, not trying to drag this out but I’m 44 and a single father of a 10 year old son and a home owner. I was employed with the same company for 18 years and 8 months ago my position was eliminated. I’m very excited about starting my home inspection business. This is it for me. I was very green and I took my 120 hour course with ICA. Now that I have completed that and done more research with regards to taking the licensing exam I realize just how complicated this is with the different associations and such. Well I guess I dragged it out huh? My second question is, since I have completed the minimum 120 hour training I have also utilized the more than 2000 practice questions until I was correct on a large portion of them and after 6 attempts and studying in between I have finally passed the practice exam with 82. In anybody’s opinion that would be so gracious to respectfully give, should I take the FL state exam or wait until I’m consistently hitting the 90s on the practice exam? I’d just like to say thank Internachi and all it’s members for all of the great resources of experience and knowledge. I’m asking for help. Thank you.

Hi William welcome. :cowboy_hat_face:
I say take the exam. If you do not, you definitely didn’t pass.
If you do, you may pass.
What area are you located in?

Hi Marc,

Thank you. I’m in Miramar.

I can’t help you with the exam question, but I started my second career as a home inspector at 44 too. It makes a great second career.

Welcome and good luck!

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Thank you Chuck. That’s encouraging. I can’t wait.

Go for it. I over thought it. I could have passed the test months before and now I kick myself for not taking it sooner.

Thanks Eugene. I’m going to schedule it. I’m 3/8th sure I’ll pass lol

Hi William, took my exam a year ago. Don’t over think it. Review what you are weak on, the things you are strong on you already know don’t worry about those. Go for it and good luck.

If you can go through all of the major sections of InterNACHI training before the test, pass each of the quizzes, and understand them, you will pass the NHIE Exam. I can’t speak for the Florida exam, but I can’t imaging it would be much worse than NHIE. Good Luck! I started at 45 (I’m now 48) and I LOVE my new career!

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Thanks for the advice Stephen. That’s what I’ve been doing on the ones that I showed weakest on but I’m just going to go thru them all. I can’t wait to get going.